Wedding Ring Drama

As it so happens I haven’t been able to wear my engagement/wedding ring for a few years now. If I put my ring on my wedding finger, within a few days my finger completely freaks out with a rash and it takes months for it to heal.

My immunologist/allergist says it’s due to an allergy to white gold that developed as a result of the hormonal changes I went through while pregnant. I find it laughable that the hormonal changes I went through due to 5 miscarriages also resulted in my inability to wear my wedding ring.


In the few months when I’ve been out of town for work, I’ve had a few different men hit on me and when I don’t return the flirting they have specifically noted that I don’t wear a wedding ring. Which, because I’m me, turns really awkward as I explain that I’m not interested as I have a husband who I really do like.

It turns out Mr. MPB does not particularly love the stories I share of being hit on when I’m out of town for work. He’s of the opinion we should get me a new ring that I can actually wear.


Anyways, as a slight aside, when my Dad proposed to my mom, he gave her a plastic ring from a bubble gum machine as the engagement ring. As a kid, I remember going to goldsmiths a few different times with my mom as she looked to get the plastic ring made into a real ring she’d be able wear. Raising 3 kids, she never had the money and she never lived long enough to have the ring made. Since my mom died, I’ve always talked about getting it made for me. And years ago my Dad gave it to me. So, I’ve been saving up my pennies to get it made but now think I should wear it as a substitute wedding ring that I’m not allergic to.

While I still need to save more pennies, I dug the plastic bubble gum machine ring out of it’s storage spot and went to a goldsmith (the same one who Mr. MPB bought a very special ring from a few years ago) to inquire about designing a ring based on my Mom’s plastic ring.

But, the goldsmith was fairly adamant that before we design the ring, we have to figure out what metal I can wear without a reaction.

He suggested I try yellow gold first as it’s actually more pure then the white gold that my wedding/engagement ring are made out of. So he gave me an 14k yellow gold ring he had in his shop to try (literally, he just gave it to me, trusting I’ll return it, which of course I will). I’m trying it for a full month, and 2 weeks in I’m having no reaction. Assuming yellow gold works then we’ll presumably design it out of yellow gold. Otherwise I’m going to have to try platinum, which is of course drastically more expensive. Needless to say I’m hoping the yellow gold will work.

Anyways, I’m kind of excited to wear a wedding ring again and I’m also kind of excited to fulfill something my mom always wanted.

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17 Comments on “Wedding Ring Drama

  1. LOVE this idea so much! I have my mom’s first wedding set (my sister can have the new one she has now – dad upgraded hers for their 25th anniversary) and I told her if nothing else, I wanted to have it melted down and made into a “mother’s ring” for her since we’re all grown now. The plastic ring is so sweet and sentimental, I’d have never thought to take it somewhere and have a real ring made in it’s likeness!

    If you end up not finding one you like, check out Qalo rings. They’re medical grade silicone, very popular where I live – I even have one that I wear when we go on trips/work outside/etc so I don’t lose or ruin my wedding set. Hubs has one too since he works with his hands a lot.

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  2. I’ve experienced the same thing. I had 5 miscarriages as well and had the ring rash. I then switched dish soaps. I never had a problem with Dawn regular blue dish soap. But I can no longer use it. I have to use the pink Dawn dish soap for sensitive hands. No more ring rash. FYI. Also weight loss help me as well. It really had gotten a little tight and also with the blue Dawn.


    • That’s fascinating that the same thing has happened to you! I have also switched soaps and actually had the ring re-sized so that’s it’s big enough now that I’m afraid it’s going to fall off, both haven’t made a difference. Unfortunately. 😦


      • It could just be a hormonal imbalance then. Hard telling. I still can’t use Dawn soap. And I also have to be careful that the dish water is not too hot. I stopped using blue Dawn but then I realized I was still getting the rash because the water was too hot. So literally it was heating up the ring and the ring was causing my skin to rash and to fall off


  3. I don’t wear wedding rings and don’t get hit on either (Is that a positive or an massive negative on my self worth??).. he he
    I can only wear yellow gold, and if you really want to go for gold for its worth, go for 22K.

    But i love how you are using your moms ring. So sweet.


    • This made me chuckle, I didn’t even realize I was being hit on the first time it happened. Mr. MPB had to tell me that I was in fact being hit on when I told him about the weird conversation I had earlier that day. haha
      Thanks for the tip of 22K. I know we’ll be going for whatever is the most pure in hopes of having it work for years to come. 🙂


  4. What a cute story of your Mom and Dad. Just shows how simple love can be. I love how you are using her ring now. I hope you can find something that works for you.
    I have a horrible habit of forgetting my ring and as someone flirted with me at the grocery store the other day, I realized I wasn’t wearing my ring. Oops!


  5. Yea, I can wear my engagement ring, but I can’t wear my wedding ring because it leaves a weird mark on my finger (since after my first stillbirth). But I think that’s really neat that you will get to wear the ring made from your mom’s ring. That’s really special.


  6. I have really intense metal allergies to white gold, nickel and even yellow gold. My wife got me a wooden ring that I wear as a wedding ring since I can’t wear the original anymore. I love how unique it is! It was also much less expensive! Might be an interim option for you, but I LOVE the plastic ring replica!!


  7. I too haven’t been able to wear my wedding ring after being pregnant. I know it has been 8 years since my husband died, but I still love the ring and I still wear it when I can. I need to get it sized up bc my fingers also swell and then I can’t get them off! It’s painful!


  8. Interesting that you break out in rash from white gold. Me too! My wedding ring is white gold but I only wear it for short periods of time, rarely. I get a rash in the areas the ring touches and it’s very itchy! I miss wearing it.. 😦


  9. In just happy you choose yellow gold, my wedding set is in yellow gold and while I’m in mad love with it, I notice that all of the new brides are choosing white gold which makes me feel like my ring is dated and old fashioned. I hope yellow gold makes a comeback soon!


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