My Perfect Breakdown


I am so tired.  Little MPB is really struggling with his two year molars at the moment.  No-one in our house has slept for at least a few nights.  Please let these teeth come in soon… I must get back to some sort of fitness.  I’m finally eating normally again and miss spinning.  Heck, right now I’d even be happy just going for a run.  So, I need to fit that back… Read More

So the first visit was kind of what I expected. I started off by letting her know I’m a giant skeptic.  To which she assured me I’m not the first person to tell her this.  Then we went over my giant medical history, which is always fun times.  She didn’t press on the miscarriage history, but I suspect based on my tone and matter-of-fact attitude she got the hint that I’m not… Read More