Two Worlds Colliding

At a meeting today I met someone new.  My first impression is that he is very nice.  I suspect I will end up working with him more in the future as our paths are very likely to continue cross.  So it’s probably good that I have a positive first impression of him.

But there is a problem: his name.

I have absolutely no idea what his name is.  Yet, I asked him twice today what his name was.  The second time I fully acknowledged that I had already forgot his name in less then an hour.  Which was rather embarrassing to admit.  I know it starts with “Ch.” And I know there’s a song that his name is kind of like, he even sang it to me to help me remember.  But of course, I cannot remember the song name either!

I want to call him Chase.  His name is most definitely not Chase.

Yet, even knowing his name is not Chase, I desperately want to call him Chase. And I know the only reason I want to call him Chase is that Chase is a puppy in Paw Patrol.


I feel as though my two worlds are constantly colliding – professional and mother.  I am constantly trying to balance these worlds to be my best at both of them.

But, attempting to re-name a professional college to a Paw Patrol character is a first for me.

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8 Comments on “Two Worlds Colliding

  1. Chase is on the case! LOL

    Maybe ask him for his business card next time you see him? Or his email address? When he replies — as he likely will — his name will be on the email. šŸ™‚

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  2. Bahahahahahaha!!!! I have to laugh at this, because I’m SOOOO horrible with names! And it’s of course worse now that I have mom brain. It sucks in mom groups, because those people that I only see once in a while, I know that I’ve met them but I just don’t remember their names! So awkward sometimes. I like the business card idea above, that shouldn’t be too awkward!!

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