My Perfect Breakdown


We recently went to visit family for an early Christmas.  The Grandparents had visions of a perfect Christmas with all their children and grandchildren at home at the same time – we attempted to make their Christmas wish come true.  There were visions of toddlers playing nicely together, singing Christmas carols and opening gifts together.  There were visions of a family Christmas dinner – turkey, wine and Christmas pudding.  There were cute… Read More

Little MPB continues to learn new words every single day.  The other day I tried counting how many actual, clear words he used in 1 day. I stopped counting when he got to 32 by lunch time.  He’s still not using a lot of multi-word “sentences”, but I’m confident those are just around the corner. But, remember how when Mr. MPB was away I let Little MPB watch more Paw Patrol then… Read More