Working Mommy Life

Being a working mom with a very young baby is hard work in itself.

The most important thing to me in the world in Baby MPB.

But my reality is that I have professional obligations – meetings, deadlines, conference calls, etc.  I’m lucky because I can do 90% of my work from home.  So even when we have a nanny here taking care of Baby MPB, I am at home in the other room.  I’m here in case of an emergency and I can also get baby snuggles whenever I want!

On the days where I have to be on site and away from home for a full day – sometimes 12+ hours. I know Baby MPB is well cared for by Mr. MPB while I’m away so I never have to worry in that respect.  But, these days are hard.  Initially, it broke my heart to be away for so long, and I was riddled with guilt.  Now, I’ve realized that there is some benefit to them as I enjoy adult conversation and critical thought. (More on this another day as I have lots of thoughts on balancing work demands with baby demands with the society pressures re working or not working).


But, this week is a bit different – I have 2 solid days out of the house and one of them is Saturday.  And it’s not even for paid work. But it is absolutely necessary.

In my profession, I am governed by a professional association. As part of my professional requirements, I must take a certain amount of continuing education per year maintain my professional designation.  Normally, I like doing this as I always enjoy learning something new and meeting new people.  In the past, pre-self-employment and pre-baby, I often looked for courses/conferences that were in a fun city, because when someone else is paying the bill, why not go on a mini work vacation?

Now, being self-employed I am much more aware of how I’m spending my money.  Because, every dollar spent is one less dollar of revenue.  And every moment spent in a course is one less moment spent on paid work and/or baby snuggles.

So, this year I found a really interesting certificate program offered at a local university.  You can do the course in 1 year or you can do it over multiple years.  I’ve decided to take 2-3 course per year and hopefully finish in in 3-5 years.

The certificate is in conflict resolution.  So, they are not specifically related to what I do professionally, but it’s the kind of skill that no matter what I do in life will be useful.

And, as an added bonus, this means that I’m going to drive Mr. MPB mad with all my “practicing.”

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8 Comments on “Working Mommy Life

  1. Now that I am working ( from home) I have a new understanding and appreciation for working moms. The energy and stamina it takes to do both is immense. I do see value I having an outside identity from being Mom- I think it will make transitions when the kids are older easier. I am continually amazed by the grace in which you live your life. Xo

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  2. “I’m going to drive Mr. MPB mad with all my ‘practicing.'”

    Hee, hee… I love it!

    Joking aside, I hear you on the choices of work travel now. I used to try and get in at least one industry conference a year, and always looked for good ones in places that looked fun or cool. Now, the more local the better. Luckily, I work in an area which has a lot of great workshops and conferences, but still… I suppose it’s just another sign that I am, in fact, A PARENT.

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  3. Cool! I thought about getting a Masters in Mediation and kind of still wish I had. I almost have enough credits/time left to get another Masters on my GI Bill so maybe I will! Keep us posted on how your courses go!

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  4. Hahahahahaha love that last line. Working with a young bub must be so tough but you guys definitely have the best of this scenario in that you can see baby most days during the work day and usually if you aren’t there hubby is. It sounds perfect really X

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  5. Hope you enjoy your CE at least a little bit, even if it means you’re away from your boys for the day. Have fun practicing on Mr lol!!

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