Healthy Balance

Life balance has always been something I struggle with.  I’m an all or nothing person – giving my all to every single thing I do.  And on the flip side of that, if I do not or cannot do something for some reason then I don’t even try.  It’s not always the healthiest approach to life, but no matter how hard I try to overcome this personality trait, it’s pretty firmly ingrained in my psyche.

Balancing work demands, the needs of a infant who is 100% completely dependent on us, and the basic biological need for sleep and food has been a challenge.  For this first time mom (and dad) it hasn’t always been easy.  In fact, at times it’s been down right hard.  The best kind of hard, but still hard.

So, while we’ve been managing the critical elements of our lives, a few things have fallen off the radar.  One of which has been fitness.  In the last few months, since we got the call about our match and our life was turned completely upside down (in the best possible way) fitness has completely dropped off my radar.

Fitness has always been a part of my life – soccer, curling, running, cycling, skating, skiing, hiking, weight training, etc.  I grew up being active and it’s just always been part of my life.

That said, I have never been a size 2 (and will never be and I’m absolutely okay with that).  Interestingly, I have not known my weight since I was 13, but my doctor tells me I am healthy and laughs when I say I cannot know the number as my workouts cannot be about a number, they need to be about feeling good (I know my all or nothing mentality will turn it into a numbers obsession, so I just refuse to even go there).  Anyways, I’ve always been the kind of person who could generally eat what I want and maintains a healthy body.

However, I noticed after enduring multiple years of infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss which involved being restricted by my RE to only walking my dog for almost 2 years, I put on weight (shocker).  I worked my butt of to lose it while we were working the the adoption process and waiting.  But, now I’m being inactive again and I have no doubt I’m putting on weight again.

So, here I am now, realizing that I have to find time for fitness.  I need the mental health release that comes with exercise and getting into better shape again is an added bonus.  And, I want my son leading an active lifestyle, so what better way to encourage him to enjoy a healthy lifestyle then for him to grow up with it as the norm from the very beginning?  Of course, I know this is going to be a challenge:

  • Managing work and baby is more then a full time job already.  Making time for fitness without increasing my stress will be a struggle.
  • Baby MPB isn’t able to hold his held up well enough yet for me to run or cycle with him safely. So, I need time on my own for a little while longer.
  • Our treadmill is having problems and may need to be replaced (and we don’t have the cash on hand for that right now).
  • I refuse to pay for a gym membership when exercise can be done essentially for free if I’m smart about it.

So my plan to do this is simple:

  • Ideally I’d like to exercise 5 times a week.  But, for now I’m going to find a minimum of 30 minutes 3 times a week for me to go for a run outside.  I’m generally responsible for Baby MPB’s 6am feed, so after he eats and Mr. MPB wakes up, I’m going to leave Baby MPB and Mr. MPB together while I go for a run. Work can wait. Once I’m in a bit better of shape I hope to increase this to 45-60 minutes and of course I hope to bring Baby MPB with me once he’s big enough.
  • Continue to be inspired by Courtney.  I’ve even emailed her a few questions and will keep doing so until I’m on the right track (or she gets annoyed with me and tells me to bugger off).  Essentially, I’m going to use her as my inspiration and motivation so long as she’ll let me.
  • Eat like we did pre-baby.  As in, eat healthier.  We’ve ordered pizza and Chinese food a few too many times in the last few months.  I’ve never been one for diets, in part because we enjoy cook for ourselves and eat fairly well balanced meals.  So, I’m not jumping on any sort of diet fad.  But, I’m just going to make a point of returning to our old eating habits – salad’s, fresh food and home cooked meals.
  • Wine is only for Friday and Saturday nights.  (I wont deny it, this one rule does make me slightly sad).
  • I am going to use my IG account to keep me accountable.  So, anyone who follows me there, expect some sort of fitness related photo at least 3 times a week.  (Also, if you want to follow me on IG send me a direct message so I know who you are as it’s a private account).

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18 Comments on “Healthy Balance

  1. I hope that you can get yourself into a great routine that works out for everyone! Maybe you can eventually get a jogging stroller so that you can continue to take baby with you when he gets too big to wear! Good luck!

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  2. Sounds like you have a solid plan! Looking forward to seeing how it works out. At what age can you take baby MPB with you? That sounds so fun! Wishing you all the best!!

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  3. Hi! I’ll never get tired of you and your questions!

    I didn’t mention in my reply to you how we cook. We are strict paleo cookers (not eaters – there is a difference). We cook meals with coconut oil, meats, and veggies. We bring no grains or white potatoes into our house unless it’s a random bag of popcorn, oreos, or chex mix (my kids don’t get crackers unless we’re at the store or a friends’). When we eat out, we eat what we feel like (pizza, tacos, Asian, very rarely fries). Our kids used to be strictly paleo in all food but we limit that to home cooking now because we can’t control everything. HA! But when I was starting my fitness stuff, we were STRICT paleo at home and eating out and weight fell off. If you search “paleo” on my family blog, you’ll find heaps of recipes that are GOOD! If you’re looking for a new way of eating that is still tasty and satisfying, give some of those recipes a shot!

    Woman, drink your wine when you want it! We have a glass probably 5 nights a week and I enjoy it. You’ve got to keep the things you enjoy (for me, that is Diet Pepsi ALL DAY LONG, every single day. And that really is a problem that I need to fix).

    You’re going to do great because you WANT TO DO GREAT! Half the battle is really being ready to start. Once you’re started, stopping is harder than the initial starting ever was 🙂

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  4. This! I need to get on this. I had a good little kick for a couple of weeks where I started taking the stairs at work (8 flights) every day, and doing an ab circuit a few times a week after I gave the girls their first bottles (they go right back to sleep), and went for at least one good run on the weekend. That’s really all I need to do to lose the last 5 pounds that didn’t melt off right away (all in my mid-section, of course!), but I’m too exhausted to even commit to that. I know with working full-time, taking care of twins, and pumping 60 oz of milk everyday that I need to give myself a break. I’ve just been giving myself way too much of a break. None of my clothes fit right and it’s seriously stressful to get dressed. My new goal is just to look and feel fit again by their first birthday. I think I’m going to have to suck it up and sign back up to the gym, because I currently lack the discipline to create my own workouts. But I know if I’m paying for it and I can just drop into a group class a few times a week, that I’ll actually go and do it and feel great. It might be what I need short-term to lift me up out of my new mommy fitness funk.

    However, I think if you have the discipline, your plan sounds very practical. I’ll be following along. I’m sure I’ll be inspired by your progress. 🙂

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  5. I’m so proud of you for wanting to get back on track…it’s really, really hard. Even with a 6 yr old. I was doing awesome with gym and eating when I first joined back in November and then L came in December and I completely lost everything I was doing. I just started back this past week and the only time I can for sure fit it in is getting up earlier and making the 6am class, but I feel so much better about my day! I know that you’ve got this because you consistently achieve what you set out to do. Oh, and I will be emailing you because I totally want to follow you on IG even though I’m rarely on there, lol.

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  6. Finding this balance is so hard when things are so busy! I am thankful for YouTube and my elliptical. I get in my 30 minute workouts early in the morning as part of my morning routine. Love Blogilates on YouTube if you want great and short but effective workouts. I also am not sure I’d feel this good or have the energy without my Plexus supplements. Sending you positive thoughts to get the workouts back on track, it is worth it! Justine

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  7. Such a good goal. I feel like once we force ourselves to make time for a run we never ever regret it and it becomes addicting. Go you!

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  8. It’s wonderful to set goals like this! I have had to adjust to being less active since having Luke but I make exercise a priority even when sleep deprived. I never regret it either! And I agree with Courtney! Drink the wine! After all sometimes a drink a day helps deal with things 😉 Hold yourself accountable but also go easy on yourself if something comes up and you can’t do it. You’re juggling so much and doing such a good job! Go momma go!

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  9. *waits for ‘Nancy’ to come and judge you for leaving baby for 30min to take care of yourself*… Kidding!!
    I wish I didn’t know my weight. That’s awesome. Good for you for getting back into exercising. I used to use the runkeeper app back when I was an avid runner for a month. It’s pretty cool. Maybe seeing your instagram pics will motivate me to go outside too!

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  10. I find having a training buddy is the best way to help motivate me!!! So if you have Courtney to be that inspiration that is awesome! I love your idea about keeping track on IG too!!! I think soon enough once MPB has grown a bit more you I have no doubt you will find a million ways to keep fit with him and Mr MPB!!! Love your attitude! #ThisGirlCan 🙂

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  11. I took a class on babywearing and urban pole walking yesterday. I was surprised at how much of a workout it ended up being. I’m not a runner though. I’ve been walking A LOT lately. Just getting out and clearing your head makes a big difference in the Mommy game.

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  12. If it’s a rainy day and you’d still like to do something you should check out the fitness blender website. It is free! You put in your parameters ie cardio, 30-40mins, etc and it brings up a number of routines you can do that fit within this. They have a massive variety and each one has a video that you can follow. Here’s the link: Good for you for prioritising your health. I’m looking forward to getting back to more regular exercise. I really miss running!

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  13. I hope you’re able to get into a routine. My twins are almost one and my husband and I keep saying we need to eat healthier and exercise. Where is the time? I start work at 6am and he isn’t home until after 8! It is tough it I’m hoping with the nicer weather we can get outside more with the kids and make it off of their lifestyle as well! I’ll PM you as I’d love to follow your journey on Instagram!

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  14. I envy your “no number” approach. I wish I didn’t know my number, because I do obsess about it, constantly. Its so unhealthy….
    Good luck. But do cut yourself some slack too…you made a huge change by bringing home your son, and it takes some time to find routine. And when you do, it’ll change yet again! I love the motivation and plan…I hope it helps you.

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  15. It is SO HARD to exercise with a baby, especially when you’re working! Give yourself time – I think 30 min three times a week is realistic. And remember, after a year or two things will change and you’ll have more time and structure. I love our jogging stroller and hope that’s a good option for you this summer! Gia takes her nap and I get my workout 🙂

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  16. As much as I dislike exercise, I know it’s good for me. I’m not allowed to workout during this pregnancy, and already I’m feeling bad, and I’ve already gained over 13 pounds. I like that you have a good plan in place. Later this year when I can workout I might need some encouragement!


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