The Mystery of the Lost Key

Once upon a time a nice little family hired a new nanny to help care for their adorable little boy. Her references checked out, she seemed like a very nice girl.  On her first day she asked lots of questions and seemed like she’d be a good fit.

20160831 - Lost KeyDuring the day she had used the spare key to the garage to take out garbage.  The mommy asked her to make sure she put the key back in it’s spot before she left for the day as the family uses the key on a regular basis.

Upon further inspection that evening, the mommy noticed the key was missing.  Texts were sent, and not answered.  A phone call was made, a message left, and also not answered.

Mommy was not happy!

Daddy thought mommy was slightly crazy and overreacting.  He thought this was a probably just an innocent (but rather stupid) mistake.  He thought the nanny would find the key and bring it back on her next day.

Mommy was not convinced and wanted to fire the nanny on the spot.  All the mommy could think about was someone coming into their house that night while everyone was sleeping and waking up to find her beloved baby gone.  The thought was all consuming and mommy was not handling the panic well as tears of fear rolled down her cheeks.  Fearing the night, the Mommy decided to sleep in the baby’s room until the key magically appeared or the house was re-keyed.  The mommy needed to be sure her little baby was safe.

Eventually, much later that evening, the new nanny did return the text.  She claimed the key must be in the garage and she’d help look for it the next day. The mommy and daddy knew the key was not in the garage, as they had searched high and low and scoured every inch of the backyard and garage multiple times already.  The key was not to be found!!

At this point Daddy begrudgingly decided to simply re-key all the locks to the house/garage.  Better be safe then sorry.  And being a smart Daddy, the Daddy realized it’s better to have a sane mommy then one consumed with fear.  So, Daddy spent the late evening figuring out how to change the locks to the house.

The next morning, after Mommy and Daddy calmed down slightly, the key was spotted underneath the couch.  The future of the new nanny’s future was discussed again.  Mommy still thought the nanny should be fired for being irresponsible.  Mommy didn’t think loosing a house key is acceptable first day nannying mistake.  Daddy decided the new nanny should be given a second chance (with Daddy working from home and supervising) because finding a decent nanny seems to be nearly impossible.

The impasse was overcome with a flip of the coin – the nanny gets a second chance.

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15 Comments on “The Mystery of the Lost Key

  1. At least the mystery was solved! I’m sure she won’t make that mistake again! If it makes you feel any better, I had to talk to my nanny this morning about leaving messes in the kitchen. I came home yesterday to a dirty frying pan on the stove, crusty stuff on the bottle brush and tomato/cheese stuck to the stovetop. This morning I told her that the dishwasher is empty and the counters are clean, and it would make my heart happy if they were still clean when I get home. We’ll see what happens.

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    • I’ve had to have the “clean the kitchen” confab with our nanny as well. Good help is hard to find. I’m high strung and will fire quick–So I would’ve been with you. Good thing we have folks in our lives who are able to practice a little grace. 🙂

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      • Ugh! Why is it so hard to clean up after yourself?! When I’m in someone else’s house, the last thing I want to do is leave a mess!

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  2. I think you should let her go. You obviously don’t trust her – if you did, you wouldn’t mind her having a set of keys to your house. No judgment whatsoever. Nothin says you have to trust her. But you don’t.

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  3. Eeeeeep! Sometimes stupid things happen to me no matter how hard I try and I’m a pretty careful person. Still, I also like to trust my instincts so can see how it would have been hard to decide to give new nanny a second chance. Hope it all works out 🙂

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  4. Well, I agree not a nanny mistake at all, first day or not.
    Having said that, I wouldnt have fired her( IMHO), but kept a very close eye on her for sometime .

    On a side note, get some non key locks installed, you will need it anyway when baby MPB has figured how to open the door.

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  5. Thank God it was found…I would be freaking out too! Bless your heart…while reading this i felt like this story was about me lol
    I’m very protective of my child too so I’d be leary of giving this nanny another chance.

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  6. Keys get lost with even the most responsible people and being her first day, she probably had a lot of different things on her mind that she was trying to keep straight. I’d have given her another chance too. Hope she works out so you don’t have to go through the hiring process again.

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