My Perfect Breakdown


Today is our nanny’s last day with us.  I’m devastated to be saying goodbye to her.  I know it’s not goodbye forever, as she will still babysit Little MPB and she also dog sits for us from time to time. But even though I’ve known it’s coming and we’ve even been doing trial daycare days, no matter how I think about this, it’s a big change. It’s a big change for Little MPB, yet… Read More

The work day is almost done.  Play time with my favourite little boy is about to start. I should be using these last minutes to catch up on my backlog of client emails, instead I’m sitting here listening with tears welling up in my eyes. I can hear my son laughing and giggling from the other room as he plays with his Nanny.  Normally, this brings so much joy to my heart. Today,… Read More