Change is Imminent

Today is our nanny’s last day with us.  I’m devastated to be saying goodbye to her.  I know it’s not goodbye forever, as she will still babysit Little MPB and she also dog sits for us from time to time.

But even though I’ve known it’s coming and we’ve even been doing trial daycare days, no matter how I think about this, it’s a big change.

It’s a big change for Little MPB, yet he doesn’t even really understand the importance of today and what tomorrow will bring.

It’s a big change for Mr. MPB and I.  From a purely practical perspective we now have to drive Little MPB to daycare on a daily basis, which will be an annoyance since we both work from home and we have to find time to walk our dog again, as our nanny will no longer be doing that with Little MPB everyday.  Clearly, this change will force us to find a new daily groove. And I fully expect there to be some growing pains as we find that new groove.

And, more importantly, from an emotional perspective, our son is taking his first real steps into the world, and away from our nearly constant watchful eyes.  He doesn’t even realize it, but he is saying goodbye to his daily routine that he has known for almost his entire life.  And, he’s saying goodbye to daily visits with his best friend, his nanny.

Ultimately, I know he will be okay, I know he enjoys the daycare and he really enjoys playing with the other children. I truly suspect that in time, he’ll fall into his new routine and he’ll look forward to daycare days.

And so, I’m trying to focus on being excited for him.  I truly believe he is going to have fun and learn so much everyday!  But, my heart is heavy as my little boy is growing up.  I know this first pales in comparison to other firsts that he will experience in the future.  But, today, right now, this first feels like a momentous first.

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4 Comments on “Change is Imminent

  1. Aw, sending hugs. It IS a big step for Little MPB, and for you and Mr. MPB as well! There are so many milestones to get weepy about at these ages — just because there are a lot of them doesn’t make them any less real. Yes, I know there will be bigger ones in the years to come, but they are growing so fast at this age that there are just so many obvious ways in which they are becoming less and less our little babies and more and more their bigger selves. Heck, I’ve been getting weepy about night weaning (which we’ve been working on this week), even though of course I should be partying at the idea of getting to sleep eight hours in a row! (Still just a hope at this point, don’t get jealous or anything.) 🙂 I’m sure Little MPB will enjoy daycare, and I’m sure that you and Mr. MPB will miss having him around the house, and I’m sure you’ll all settle into your new routines, but I think it’s OK to shed a tear as he takes one more step away from you and towards the Big Little MPB that he will someday become.

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  2. Daycare, oh daycare. I wish you an easy day of it tomorrow. It sounds like you have set both you and Little MPB up for the best transition possible, but it’s never easy. I agree that it’s best to look at it through their perspective and focus on all the fun and friends he’ll have.
    Good luck. ❤

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