Little MPB

In the last few weeks it has become apparent to me that my Baby MPB is turning into Little MPB.  It feels as though he is moving from baby to toddler.  Every single day he’s learning something new and is growing up so much more.  These changes have my heart longing for time to slow down and my eyes filling with happy tears.

I think this transition comes with a new name for Baby MPB here in blog world, which I’ve decided will be Little MPB.

Little MPB is now basically fully walking, only crawling the odd time.  He now has 14 teeth with 1 bottom canine clearly visible under the skin but taking it’s miserable time and the other bottom canine has yet to appear.  He is using a few words – dada, mom, dog, etc.  He is becoming more vocal in what he likes and really vocal in what he doesn’t like.  He is climbing furniture that I had no idea could be climbed.

It is rather evident that he’s turning into a little boy.  And I have to admit, asides from the rapid fire arrival of his teeth, this is a really fun age.  We areall  having so much fun right now.  He’s interactive, he’s expressive, he’s playful, and he’s snuggly (but only when he wants to be).

I suspect life is going to continue to get much busier over the next few months.  But, I also suspect the fun is going to continue!

I’m excited for his future.  I’m excited for our future as a family.

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14 Comments on “Little MPB

  1. It is so much fun and so bittersweet at the same time. Take lots of pictures. Get in lots of snuggles. The time goes by so fast.

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  2. It is amazing how they become way more like little adults overnight. I too wish time would slow down just a bit but like you said it’s also such a fun stage!


  3. I totally get this feeling of sadness and proudness mixed together. Monkey started school this year and insists on the being left in the drop off zone already (like the second week in he asked for it). I was both fiercely proud of him and a little bit sad at his independence. I am now watching him kick a ball in the back yard with his new soccer boots and shin pads on and he looks so grown up while the “baby” of the house is pulling herself up on furniture. It goes tooooooo faaaaaaast.

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