Getting Older

It’s that time of year again – I’m turning another year older.

20160307 - My Birthday_2Last year, my first birthday as a mom, was far less then ideal.  In fact, except for the amazing gift I was given, it was one of the top two worst birthdays of my life.

This year, it’s going to be better.  And I can guarantee it will be better because I just don’t care.  Truly, I don’t care.

Last year I had it in my mind that my first birthday as a mom to Baby MPB was supposed to be ultra special.  I guess I had built it up in my mind to be an amazing first.  And, it was a colossal disaster, probably the worst “first” we had all year.

So this year, I’m embracing my birthday for exactly what it is – a day that marks the fact that I’m another year older. This birthday is just another birthday. No pressure.

Asides from hoping that Baby MPB sleeps through the night (which we hope anytime he is going through painful teething), all my birthday plans are not reliant on anyone else.  Basically I intend to play with Baby MPB whenever I can.  I’ll probably do some work during the day and I’ll go to spin class – just like any other day.  The exception is that I’m planning to get take-out sushi for dinner for Mr. MPB and I.  (We’ll probably make something else for Baby MPB. As an aside, at what age is it appropriate to give a baby/toddler sushi?)  Oh, and let’s not forget wine, I’ll be having a glass of wine (or two) with dinner.  And on the weekend I’m hoping to get some time in the mountains to enjoy the scenery and the fresh air. 

I realize this might sound slightly grouchy, but I’m honestly not trying to be.  I’m just determined not to have a repeat of last year’s disaster. And by focusing on that matters (love, good food and wine) it should be a pretty good day. 

Someone very wise told me that year two of parenting is a bit easier because the pressure of all the firsts is gone, and that’s exactly where my mind is.

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19 Comments on “Getting Older

  1. Happy Birthday!! It is my bday as well this week 🙂 keeping it simple also! Lots of family love, cake & wine!

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  2. Happy birthday to you! I have been wondering the same thing about when babies can have sushi. They probably can’t have raw tuna and things like that but they could probably have veggie rolls. I will ask my daughter’s pediatrician because I would like to know too.

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  3. Happy Birthday! I would wager that many new moms don’t enjoy their first birthday as moms, so you aren’t alone in this. (I barely remember my first birthday after my sons, since I was still home with them on maternity leave and fairly sleep-deprived. HA!)

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  4. Happy Birthday! I love that your birthday plan isn’t dependent on someone else. I feel like I’m lost let down, not just on birthdays, but other days when I think someone will do something. I hope you have a fabulous day!!

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  5. Happy birthday! I gave my daughter sushi when she was 10 months old. It was a piece of cooked California roll. I took out the small piece of cucumber, because it was too small. She wasn’t a fan – still isn’t.

    As someone who had a horrendous, worst ever birthday in 2016, I can completely relate to your wishes/expectations/intentions for your birthday this year. It doesn’t sound grouchy to me at all. Wishing you a birthday full of love and goodness!

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