International Adoption & Social Security Paperwork

I finally found a way to apply for a social security number from Canada.  Actually, I didn’t so much find a way but casually mention my struggle when I was at the US Consulate to get Baby MPB’s a new passport (his original one was a limited passport as the adoption was not finalized at the time).

The man I was dealing with was very nice, gave me the form to fill in and told me just to wait until the new amended birth certificate was available.  He said he was also pretty sure we wouldn’t have to travel to the USA but that it could be dropped off at the Consulate.  Either way it didn’t matter because we are still waiting for the amended birth certificate.

Much to my surprise a few months later I got an email from the individual!  He had been able to determine that we do not require the amended birth certificate, just the adoption finalization paperwork.  And, we could just drop it all off at the local Consulate which means no trip to the USA is required.  First, thank you!!  Second, wow, someone within government went way above and beyond – way to break stereotypes (I work in government – this is a joke)!  Third, an easy adoption related process, wow!  


So, then I went back down to the Consulate, paperwork and Baby MPB in tow (Mr. MPB couldn’t join us).  The security was an absolute disaster, that made airports seem easy.  Evidently they recently changed their procedures and told me I could not take Baby MPB’s stroller or diaper bag with me.  No big deal, that’s normal.  What wasn’t normal was that I was told I had to empty his diaper bag, carry all it’s contents and Baby MPB with me not in any sort of bag.  Now, I don’t know about others, but I know our diaper bag is full of everything – multiple snack choices, extra sippy cup, bibs, change of clothing, pacifiers, a few small toys, etc.  They even made me take off the extra cup holder on the stroller to carry with me!!  I looked at security blankly and simply said I literally cannot do that.  He told me I had no choice. I asked to speak to a manager, because seriously, how?  The manager initially wouldn’t even speak to me.  Eventually I just said that I’ll just have to reschedule our appointment, I literally cannot carry all of that plus a squirmy baby.   And, I couldn’t go put it all in our car as I didn’t bring my car, as Mr. MPB dropped us off.  Regardless, I said it’s just not safe for me to attempt to do this, and I wont risk dropping my son.  Eventually the security manager indicated they’d make an exception (I suspect because he realized the request was crazy), so I was allowed to leave the diaper bag with it contents and only carry Baby MPB, his blanket and all the paperwork.  Over an hour later, completely frazzled and almost in tears, I finally cleared security and made my way to my appointment.

The appointment was easy.  The same man who sent me all the information helped me again.  He didn’t even question the security delay.  I was beyond frazzled at this point but he was efficient, super polite and really helpful.  The only surprise was that it will take 6-8 months for the application to be processed.  So, now we just add one more item to our list of things to wait for!  Thankfully, as we live in Canada we really don’t need his social security number right now.  So this wait isn’t a big deal.  But seriously, 6-8 months?  Why does adding the word “adoption” to an application require months of extra work?  I don’t understand!

Regardless, after more then 2 hours I was able to get the necessary paperwork submitted and leave.  On my way out I heard another family having the same conversation about the diaper bag.  The manager of security was then talking to another individual about implementing a revised policy for strollers and diaper bags because the current policy just wont work.  So, I mentally patted myself on the back for making a small difference to other parents!

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9 Comments on “International Adoption & Social Security Paperwork

  1. That diaper bag/stroller thing is crazy. They should do something like they do at the prison I work at, clear plastic Ziploc type bags only. That way you can put in a few urgent things you might need, but not have a ton of loose items.

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    • I completely agree! It used to be that we left everything (stroller and full diaper bag) except could bring a diaper and wipes. It worked perfectly once we knew the rule. I guess at least now we know not to bring anything except the child and the paperwork! I guess we’ll just hope there are no poopsplotions!


  2. What an ordeal!! I’m so glad they made an exception for you (and hopefully for all the other parents with young children in the future!)


  3. Wow I can’t believe they expect people to carry everything in a diaper bag – hopefully they do revise their policy, maybe they should try it themselves to see how ridiculous it is.

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  4. I’m really glad that someone was able to help you, multiple times! Nice to have someone who cares and tries to make life a little easier for you. As for that policy…seriously, WHO comes up with things like that!?!?!? Obviously not someone who has children! I hope they revise that real soon!

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  5. I was just wondering why get him all his american paperwork….I know hes born there but does he not get canadian paperwork….such as S .I .N , a Canadian passport? Or does he get both?

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    • We are getting him all the Canadian stuff to. We want to make sure he has all the necessary documents for both countries. 😊 I should add that he cannot get a canadian sin or passport until his citizenship is approved which we are guessing is probably another year away.


      • It must seem to never end…paperwork for years. I am sure it will help him very much when he is a young man. You have saved him many hours and months of work later….that would surely be much more difficult in 20 years. I hope you all have had a good weekend…hugs


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