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Today’s post is being delivered later then normal thanks to a bottom canine tooth that kept our entire house up for way to long, multiple times during the night.  I don’t understand how a child can have 4 teeth come through in one week, 1 the next week and then have one $!*@ canine tooth take seemingly forever?  The $!@* canine is sitting just below the surface and we are all suffering for it.  Have I mentioned before how much I hate teething?  Baby Advil is now a basic survival necessity.  Thankfully we finally discovered that Baby MPB will tolerate it only if we dip the end of the syringe in pure white sugar first.

So now we are literally feeding our child straight up sugar.  The things I NEVER thought I’d do!! 

The only bonus about this many teeth this quickly is that once the @!&* canine comes through he will have 14 teeth!  2 more that will probably come soon and then the 2 year molars which hopefully wont come for a little while.  (I’m searching for the silver lining today).


Because I’m exhausted here are a few random parenting questions that are on my mind today:

  1. At what age to kids move from sleep sack to blankets?  Or do they get a blanket and a sleep sack at the same time?  Really, at what age can we add a blanket to his crib?
  2. At what age do kids start to love a teddy bear?  Baby MPB has recently taken to loving stuffed animals, but he doesn’t seem to have a preferred one.  We have one we really want him to adopt as “his bear” but we have no idea how to make this happen.  Thoughts?
  3. Baby MPB eats anything and everything.  In fact, the only food he has ever refused is plain chicken.  He likes curries, roast beef, avocado, oranges, spicy anything, etc.  Until now.  Now, we have to try about 45 foods at each meal time and hope he’ll eat enough to fill himself up.  The other night he literally ate only gold fish and a purchased fruitbar thingy – all processed foods, unfortunately.  What has happened to my good eater?  (I posed this question on Instagram the other day and was immediately relieved to hear from other parents that this is normal and common).
  4. How is it that applying for a USA social security card from Canada will take 6-8 months for processing?  I will never understand how the world adoption delays every single bureaucratic thing.
  5. Baby MPB has started climbing everything.  At what age to they learn safe climbing versus deadly/limb breaking climbing?  How do parents learn to relax as their kids discover the vertical world?  This age is clearly going to be hard on my mommy anxiety!
  6. It seems like overnight Baby MPB grew two inches.  Seriously.  He’s now in 18 month clothing!!!  He really is leaving behind the baby days and turning into a toddler.

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20 Comments on “Random Thoughts & Questions

  1. Those canines are a bitch! They take forever.

    1. We started using blankets around 10 months or so, I think. She was in a sleep sack (a Zippy, so her hands were covered, too) until about 18 months. (I think. It’s hard to remember.)
    2. Our daughter didn’t attach to a stuffed animal or any type of lovey until we gave her an Anna pillow doll around age 2. She still doesn’t much care for stuffed animals, but she needs Anna and a sippy cup of water in order to sleep. She’s more attached to that damn sippy cup than anything else!
    3. Totally normal phase that will pass, and arise again, over and over and over.
    4. No idea, but that reminds me that I think I need to order a SS card for my daughter. I don’t think we got one automatically. In fact, I’m not sure we have her birth certificate, either.
    5.a. Age 30? b. As my daughter’s confidence in climbing increased, so did my confidence in her abilities. Of course, she still falls, and we don’t allow her to do anything that’s clearly not safe at all, but for the most part, we let her do her own thing from a (small) distance. At home, everything is tethered, so we at least know heavy things won’t fall on her. And once they fall and get hurt a few times, you learn that kids are pretty tough.

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  2. So E is 18 months and still in a sleep sack at night. Sometimes a blanket for his nap. He really loves his sleep sack and cuddles it like a blankie. I think we will move onto blankets when this one is too small. He started to need a stuffed animal for sleeping maybe two months ago. Before then he liked his animals but didn’t really care. He has a friend that required her frog from 9 months. E was also a great eater but now he goes in phases. He will eat tons of one food one week and then refuse to touch it the next week. Very annoying because you feel like have figured it out and he changes.

    Molars and canines are the worst. Good luck.

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  3. 1)I did a foster adoption and they allow kids to have blankets at 12 months or a year old.

    2) I don’t know about the teddy bear question. My daughter is 14 months and she doesn’t seem to have a favorite toy unless my cell phone counts.

    3) I don’t know what happened. My daughter used to eat everything I put in front of her. I was so excited that she wasn’t a picky eater and now she favors snacks and carbs. No veggies. She will try to eat whatever I am eating so I am trying to eat a bit more balanced diet. And now she wants to feed herself so I have to get finger foods for her. It can get messy. But here’s the thing to remember, they aren’t going to starve themselves. I am getting a bit tougher with her and giving her the veggies and if she refuses them I keep offering them to her until she eats a bit of them. Then I will give her something else to eat. I try to be consistent but sometimes it is just easier to give her some cheerios and call it a day than offering her veggies.

    4) I have no idea why it takes so long to get the social security card and birth certificate. I was quoted 6-8 months and it was a domestic foster adoption in the states, and I live in the states.

    5) My daughter loves to climb up on the furniture and I have to monitor her closely because she can’t come back down by herself all the time. They have a Gymboree place here where everything is padded and safe if you want to take Baby MPB there to climb. My house is baby proof and we have carpet so I let her climb and monitor her so I can catch her in case she falls.

    6) I got my daughter at 6 months and now she is 14 months so I am purging all of the 6-9 month clothing because she can’t fit into any of it and I am getting rid of the 12 month clothing as well. It is bittersweet. In a few days I am getting rid of all of the bottles. Only sippy cups and cups with lids and straws. I can’t believe how fast she is growing. She is so big and so small at the same time. It’s only 18-24 month clothes now. It’s a weird feeling. Glad that she is developmentally healthy, sad that she is meeting these milestones so fast. It makes me want to get another baby, but we will not be able to do that for a few years.

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  4. Thanks for this post. Made me laugh a lot!
    1)My sons daycare doesn’t allow any blankets as long as they are in cribs. So, I think 18 months? since that is when they transition to toddler beds. At home, I don’t use a blanket on him at all.
    2)My elder one still doesn’t like stuffed toys and he is 3. I think some kids take it, some don’t. Its good he doesn’t take a lovey or any toy for comfort! Imagine losing that and its not in stock anywhere else!
    3)Ah food! Ive been told babies don’t know to starve or stay hungry, so I am just feeding him whatever goes down. I make sure its balanced by the week, I no longer care to see if each meal is well balanced.
    4)No answer there sweetie, I can imagine how frustrating it is.
    5)They never learn safe climbing! My 3 year old had a massive accident because he fell off his small step stool in the sink and cut his tongue. had to rush to ER. Always keep eyes open and make sure nothing falls down on them. I see videos of kids scaling the refrigerator and my heart skips beating! Another fav spot G has discovered, is the washing machine! I now unplug the machine every time. He tries to climb in to it.
    6)Yeah, babies grow v fast, now that G is 3, he is staying longer in the same clothes! I find the most bittersweet one is when overnight, they move from 18-24m to 2T. Also, when they can no longer fit in their onesies(the one that buttons up in the crotch).

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  5. a friend of mine’s daughter has all four canine teeth coming through at once this week and she’s going insane too. sheer exhaustion going on in their house. poor little babes having to deal with that all at once.

    some answers from me!

    1) our son is 18 months and he’s still in a sleep sack. we have put blankets over him occasionally but he’s such a mover in his sleep that the blankets just end up off of him and he ends up being cold…or at least I feel like he’s probably cold (over worrying mama here? lol)

    2) I think babies just end up naturally gravitating towards certain stuffed animals as they get bigger. my son only gives hugs to certain ones…other ones he throws on the ground the moment I try to give them to him.

    3) our son went through about 2-3 weeks where he barely ate a thing probably when he was about the same age as baby MPB. he rejected everything he used to love and would only occasionally nibble. everyone assured me it was totally normal and just a phase, which it thankfully was. we ended up going and buying formula to start giving him again so he was getting more vitamins in at least. he’s still a very fussy eater but after that little phase ended, he’s now doing much better. it is insanely stressful when your little one won’t eat though. the most stressed I have been as a parent. so just take the processed food eating as a win for now because at least he’s eating something. it will go back to normal!

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  6. 1. Charlotte has a blanket in her crib and has since she was about a year old, but she has never actually USED said blanket. We’re still doing sleep sacks. Partly because of her refusal to use a blanket and partly because it keeps her from climbing out of her crib.
    2. No advice on this one. Charlotte has 3 wubbanubs that we refer to as her “guys.” (As in, “Do you have all of your guys?”) She sleeps with all 3 of them. Mostly because we started tossing them in her crib at around 12 mos and she just sort of gravitated to them eventually.
    3. No advice, just solidarity. Charlotte’s eating habits changed in the blink of an eye. It’s been a huge struggle. We always offer her whatever we’re eating, and if she refuses it, we fall back on something simple like cottage cheese and fruit.
    4. That is insane. It only took 6 weeks to get Charlotte’s social security card. How the hell does adding in the Canada factor add on 5+ months?
    5. Climbing. Ugh. Charlotte is a fearless daredevil and has been since the moment she started moving independently. At 19 months, she is a much safer climber, but she still gives us heart attacks. Last weekend we were pulling weeds and didn’t realize we both had our backs to her. We turned around and found her sitting on her swing. She had climbed into it all by herself. So last night, I let her climb into her swing by herself and she ended up totally face planting into the grass. HUGE tears. Mom fail. Lesson learned. Sigh.
    6. Charlotte started wearing a 2t at 16 months, and at 19 months, her feet are now a size 7. STOP GROWING BECAUSE I CANNOT AFFORD YOUR SHOES.

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  7. Malcolm got a blanket when he started to play pekaboo with the blankets we have about the house and it started to get colder – I think he was about 15 months. As to the teddy bear he varies which one he wants to sleep with – this might actually be a good thing as we don’t have to worry about losing one or a favourite getting damaged. I think every child goes through a phase were it is hard to feed them – we ended up putting applesauce on everything and that seemed to help. And he is still climbing things – he recently has started handling the stairs on his own and I can’t watch.

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  8. 2. BG loves fruit and is ok about veggies (like brocolli) when hidden in things like cheesy rice or pasta. But a HUGE staple of her diet consists of organic squeeze packs. We like Ella’s and target brand packs the best–that’s how she gets a most of her veggies. She has a stoneyfield yogurt every morning for bfast. She’ll usually eat eggs if all else fails. But she is not a “great” eater anymore, not like she once was when I made her all varieties of purees. I hope she grows to like spicy stuff like baby MPB! I love spicy food.
    3. BG still rotates through her stuffed animals, with no clear favorite. She never took a pacifier and she doesn’t have a favorite blanket either. I’d say the only thing she really loves is her Daniel Tiger hoodie (which is too big and too hot and doesn’t match any of her outfits).

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  9. Canines suck. God speed.
    1. At what age to kids move from sleep sack to blankets? 
    My kids despised a sleep sac although they loved being swaddled. Go figure. So from my experience, you’re good to give him a blanket anytime now.
    2. At what age do kids start to love a teddy bear? My twins have always loved those jellycat bunnies. But not until recently like 18-20 months had it become a staple at bedtime. Every kid is different.
    3. Just keep trying. Although we’ve never gotten into the habit of offering a lot of different foods. We’ll offer a small variety and that’s it. They won’t starve. I promise.
    4. How is it that applying for a USA social security …. this sounds painful. Good luck!
    5. Baby MPB has started climbing everything.  They don’t stop and it only gets worse. Seriously. Kiera has no fear. And I mean literally no fear even after she falls and gets hurt. I frequently find my twins on top if the tv, wine cooler, standing on the back of the sofas, etc. it’s nuts. Gymnastics has been a great release for them and we purchased an indoor trampoline. Also awesome!
    6. It seems like overnight Baby MPB grew two inches. It happens so fast!! It does slow down but the growth spurts seem to happen right under your nose. It’s so crazy! Enjoy 💙

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  10. Unfortunately I’m not a mom so I have no advice for you (yes, I just follow like 100 mommy bloggers because my dream is to be a mother and I love to read about the subject – no weirdo here) but I hope baby feels better soon and that you can rest!


  11. I feel you on the teeth frustration. Look still has one incisor that hasn’t popped but I swear I can see it right under the gum. Not to mention still no molars besides the swollen gums I can see which has been for MONTHS!! I’m curious about the blanket thing. I’ve often wondered when they would comprehend what a blanket is used for. Luke never gets cold (if anything hot) at night and I feel like it would be a major distraction to him. We never used sleep saks though. Here’s to hoping that canine comes through!

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    • You guys are scaring me about the tooth thing! S’s eight teeth have been a nightmare enough, and we haven’t even survived canines or molars yet. Surely this is one of the worst-planned aspects of human biology! Poor little sad babies with sore gums!!!

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  12. We are a bit behind you in most areas, so I’m mostly just watching and reading the comments, but two areas in which we are “ahead” (chronologically, at least…):
    – Food. I hear you. My little guy (first birthday today!) got a nasty virus a couple weeks ago and refused to eat any solids for several days. Even once he was feeling better, it’s like he suddenly realized he has a choice about what he eats, and instantly became very picky — refused to be spoon-fed, and ate a very short list of finger foods (cheese, grapes, kiwi, puffs). It was driving me nuts! We also started pouches, which he seems to like better than spoon-feeding (presumably because he has control over the rate and amount he eats). After doing a bunch of reading, I decided to adopt the “division of responsibility” strategy: no pressure at all (even “yay, you ate a carrot!” counts as positive pressure), I decide when and what to offer, and he decides how much and what sort of food he eats. So I offer a good balanced variety of fruit/veg/protein/dairy/grains, and he can decide to eat only grapes if that’s the only thing he wants to eat. Or nothing. No judgment or cajoling from me. He still nurses plenty and takes a multivitamin in one sippy cup at daycare (he was doing it anyway because he tested low on iron at his 9-month), so I know he’s getting calories and nutrients, at least. I have to say, it seems to be working great. I stopped stressing out about mealtimes, and he’s back to eating a good variety of foods — last night he went nuts over the saag paneer my husband and I were eating and downed a ton of it, along with some broccoli-cheddar-egg nuggets I made for him and a bunch of grapes. I think I’m going to stick with this strategy through the tribulations of the toddler years!
    – Clothes. I know Baby MBP is a month or two older than S… but I had to laugh because S is starting to outgrow his 18-month clothes already! It’s insane. I’m starting to get desperate because I really don’t want him to outgrow all the snap-at-the-crotch onesies. Maybe it’s good if his appetite slows down a little after all. 🙂

    All this stuff sounds normal (well, aside from the adoption paperwork delay for the millionth time — how frustrating!!!). Good luck keeping Baby MPB out of the chandeliers! Please pass along all your acquired wisdom so we can use it when S reaches this stage!

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  13. I recently read in The Gentle Sleep Book about getting babies onto a “lovie,” blankie, or stuffed something as a comfort item when you are trying to move them away from bed-sharing to crib sleeping. Not your situation, but the how-to might apply: try to let your baby pick the one he prefers, if you can spot a favourite. Then start associating it with you (and/or Mr. MPB) by having it between you and baby MPB during every feed (if he still takes a bottle while snuggled in your arms) and every snuggle. The book said it can take 6 weeks of constant association building for the lovie/blankie/stuffed animal to become their official comfort item.
    But like someone else mentioned already, if he has that strong of a bond with a toy, he can’t lose it or all hell will break loose!

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  14. 1) We never had Cora in a sleep sack. Once she was done with the swaddle we just made sure she had warm jammies. Probably a bit before she turned one she started dragging around and sleeping with blankets. She is now blanket obsessed. She looks like Linus from Charlie Brown.
    2) Around the time she got into blankets, she got into teddy bears and other stuffed animals. She is like her Daddy and is a huge fan of cuddling. I think this is why she loves anything soft. We have always left one teddy bear in her crib and this has become her go to bear.
    3) Weird food habits-totally normal and annoying because obviously we feel we are starving them.
    4) Our country is jacked. That is why.
    5) We have a climber too. I don’t think they get much better. I do a lot of letting her figure it out…within reason. By doing so she can get up and down the couch by herself along with beds and stairs. I hold my breath a lot and pray for no broken arms.
    6) We had a growth spurt like that as well! A week before our trip she was suddenly wearing shorty pants and we had to do a quick shopping trip!
    Side note-Teething blows and I swear we only get one at a time. We are only up to 8. I also feel like we are keeping the Tylenol companies in business.


  15. Another thought – Cora is 16 months, just ordered her a toddler pillow from Amazon this morning. She has been so stuffed up lately and stole a throw pillow so she could breathe at night. Don’t blame her! So both pillow and blanket are in her bed.


  16. One of my sons didn’t have a single tooth until he was 14.5 months old! Weird, huh? Fortunately teething was not very hard on either of my sons.

    My sons each have a “lovey” (animal head with small blanket for the body) that they have been attached to since we discontinued the use of pacifiers around age 1. As to actual stuffed animals, they have only started really getting interested in them in the past year! (They are 5.)

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  17. Never did sleep sacks with Tru. Just gave him receiving blankets until he was about 1.5 then graduated him to a light blanket. Levi turns 2 next month and gets a few light blankets. No pillow yet although my sil gave her son a pillow around 1. I don’t remember how old tru was.

    I went through all sorts of chaos to buy tru the bear he had been crying for at the store for Christmas. He saw Levis bear and they traded within minutes. Kids are odd little creatures.

    The eating will probably go back to normal when the teething is over. It’s normal. Don’t sweat it. Easier said than done, I know.

    I am still a nervous wreck when tru climbs on stuff. I’m not sure I’m ever ok with ppl climbing on stuff lol.


  18. Oh no!!! I can’t answer any of your questions but can’t wait to read any suggestions! Baby W is already 18lbs and in 9 month clothes with 2 teeth! At 4 months old😳😳 Yikes! Hope you get through the rest of the teeth coming in and a better eater again too!! Happy Friday!!! Xoxo


  19. I have some answers for you, even though we aren’t on to any of this yet!!
    1- I had asked a friend this, and it’s recommended that you can start blankets at 1 yr old, so you should be fine. I’ve had Cadence in a sleep sack still, but not swaddled for a couple weeks now. Last night I actually DIDN’T use the sleep sack for the first time! She fell asleep in my arms in my bed, and I knew if I tried to get her into it she would wake, so I just laid her down in her bed, and she could have cared less!
    3- We discussed this in my mom’s group this week actually. Someone’s 8 month old did the same thing. The nurse who runs the group said that some kids just go through phases and suddenly don’t want things that they’ve loved before. She said just keep trying, and they will start eating again. She also said they will not starve themselves either, but even if you have to give him formula again until he gets over his strike, he will eat something!
    4-I love Sanibel’s response to this!!!! Our country is jacked, especially right now…
    5-C is going through a growth spurt right now as well. It’s such a bittersweet thing!!!
    Hope all is going well with you guys!

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