Molars = pure misery!

I’ve been told they aren’t fun, but seriously it’s ridiculous how horrible they are!!  Some days I actually wonder who is suffering more, Baby MPB or the Adult MPB’s?  Needless to say, it’s been a miserable week in our house!  Needless to say, like almost all our past experiences with teething, teething is just cruel.

Also, I thought they came when children are older then Baby MPB is?!  On every chart I can find on google he is too young to be getting this miserable things!

Needless to say, sleep has become a lost (and greatly missed) art form.  I still don’t know how parents handle broken up sleep on a regular basis – I admire anyone who manages to survive a baby who doesn’t sleep well on a regular basis!   This lack of sleep is particularly troublesome from Mr. MPB as we’ve decided I just cannot give up as much sleep as he can without getting sick.  So, he’s doing 2 nights in a row and I’m doing 1.  Clearly, it’s not fair.  But we need to attempt to keep my immune system up because a 2:1 ration is better then a 2:0 ratio with him doing everything.  (That said, one thing I know as a parent is that when a baby is awake screaming in the night, no-one in the house is sleeping regardless of who’s night it is, so neither of us are sleeping well).

These molars have made our troubles with giving Baby MPB Baby Tylenol/Advil a significant problem.  He seems to have a gag reflex that as soon as we use the eyedropper and it touches his mouth he pukes.  And he simply will not take any form of milk or formula if there is even a hint of medication within it.  So, we’ve started trying medication in juice.  I hate giving him juice – as a person who has horrible teeth I’m doing everything I can to help prevent early tooth decay, and our doctor told us no juice yet, so we were avoided it like the plague.  But, we’ve now tried lacing grape juice and apple juice with baby pain relievers.  Needless to say, those didn’t work.

We finally discovered that he will take pain medication if it’s in orange juice with some pulp.  So, every single time he needs pain relief we began to fully relying on a few ounces of orange juice with either baby Tylenol or baby Advil in it.  And of course we are making sure to brush his teeth frequently.  Which he despises.  Really, we are all just having a lot of fun tricking him into taking medication and then forcing him to have his teeth brushed.  Until of course he started refusing the orange juice after a few days of it.  Now we have absolutely no idea what to try.  We are at a complete loss.

All I want to know right now is how long does it take for a typical molar to fully erupt through the gum?  We can now clearly see some shiny white teeth poking through the gum line, so we know with certainty that they are coming through right now.  But molars are big, and we definitely don’t see an entire tooth worth of shiny whiteness.  I know it’s different for each child, but are we facing weeks of this?  Or just a few more days?

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33 Comments on “Molars

  1. I feel for you. Teething isn’t fun for anyone. Some kids get their teeth pretty early. My daughter started getting teeth at 4 months old. All four of her molars came in at 18 months so she had all 20 teeth by 19 months. On the bright side, the earlier they get them, the sooner you get a break from the teething. Hang in there, I will be hoping baby MPB is feeling better soon!

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    • I think we may be on a similar timeline as you. He also started teething early and has these teething coming in way sooner then we expected. I’m going to just keep reminding myself that we should be through all of this soon. 🙂


  2. welcome to my hell Sister!
    A is getting his molars too and its a nightmare. I am going to make a post on that soon! If my memory serves me correctly, as soon as the first 1/4 of the molar erupts, there is no more screaming and crying.. But it still hurts them when they eat, so no more eating.
    But I remember G going through molar agony for 2-3 months when he completely stopped eating. Molars come at around 1 year-18 months..
    Canines hurt worse, so be prepared for that too ….

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    • Also, have you tried putting his medication in a food pouch? I usually get his favorite food pouch (he loves baby gourmet apple crisp) , and I just take out maybe 1/2 a cup of the food and put the medication in it. You cannot taste it.

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      • We’ve been trying the food pouches and he doesn’t seem to like that either. Maybe I’ll try something with a strong flavour again and see if he’ll take it. It’s worth another try! 🙂
        Also, I managed to get a good look in his mouth today – he’s getting his 2 top canines and 2 top molars. 1 canine is almost through and half of 1 molar is through. So we just have the other 2 to break through which are right under the surface. So, hopefully they come through soon! And then of course we’ll have the bottom ones to deal with at some point.


  3. I have no advice, but I’m pretty sure Cadence’s gums were hurting last night. For both her evening and night feeds I knew she was hungry, but she kept just playing around and not really wanting any nipple in her mouth. (Mine or a bottle) I finally was able to get a few oz into her with a bottle so I could put her to bed, but I fear we may be getting close to real teething hell. She’s also been drooling like a faucet and chewing anything she can get her hands on…Ugh… Good luck to you guys!

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    • I still think back to Baby MPB’s first 2 teeth – they came through without any problems and we were like “teething, it’s no big deal!” Haha! Karma bit us in the butt on that one! Haha!
      I hope Cadence handles her teeth well. The drooling in our house can last weeks and even months before the tooth actually appears.

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  4. Yep, weeks.

    My daughter has one molar and is working on the other three right now. Some days are good and others are total meltdowns.

    I feel terrible for her on the bad days, but I know she’ll get through it.

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    • Oh my, I hope you daughter gets through the other three molars asap!! And yes, as you say, they will get through it, even if it is miserable.
      Today is a meltdown day, but at least he’s napping right now. Hopefully he wakes up in much less pain so we can all be happier.


  5. Oh goodness that does not sound like fun at all. I can only offer you condolences and have no clue how you can administer the meds sneakily but I’ll be following this for any good ideas for the future!!! Hugs for you all X

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  6. Charlotte started on her molars at 12 months. It’s been non-stop molars and canines since then (6 months now) and it is BRUTAL. I feel for you, my friend. We did a terrible thing with Charlotte and her meds. She now takes them from a little cup instead of a syringe and it looks like a shot glass, so we started yelling, “Shot! Shot! Shot!”all silly when it was time for medicine. She thought it was hilarious and she’d totally down her little shot. Now she walks over to the cupboard where the Motrin is and yells, “Shot! Shot!” Someone is going to report us to Child Protective Services one of these days. At least we don’t store the children’s motrin anywhere near the vodka.

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    • Oh my gosh, I don’t want this to last months…..
      I did get a good look inside his mouth today and he clearly has 4 coming through. 2 canines on the top – 1 is broken through the other is right there. And 2 molars on the top. 1 is about half through and the other is also right there. So, I’m hoping the two that haven’t broken through yet wont takes months.


  7. The one yr molars were BY FAR the hardest on him (and us!). I think he was 13 mo when it started and it lasted about 3 weeks. 3 weeks of waking like a newborn and no one getting any sleep. I hope it doesn’t last that long for you guys! I feel your pain! I heard someone say they had to give Tylenol suppositories bc their LO wouldn’t take meds orally at all. I’m not sure if that’s an option or not. Good luck, momma!

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    • 3 weeks?! Well, that’s better then another person who said multiple months! 🙂 But, I still have no desire to watch him suffer for 3 weeks. And, I also have no desire to not sleep for the next few weeks! 🙂
      I did get a good look inside his mouth today and he clearly has 4 coming through. 2 canines on the top – 1 is broken through the other is right there. And 2 molars on the top. 1 is about half through and the other is also right there. So, we are dealing with first molars and first canines.
      I hope when your guys canines come through it’s not too bad on him!


  8. E got all his teeth early and quickly. The molars weren’t fun. They took a long time, a couple of weeks. Ibprofen worked better for us. It helps with swelling and was a much smaller dose than the Tylenol.

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  9. If Baby MPB takes a dummy, my health nurse recommends getting them to take the dummy then squirt the medicine into the corner of their mouths whilst they suck. The medicine goes down before they realise. But O is a lot younger than baby MPB so maybe the trick only works when they are little.

    Hope the teething ends soon!

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  10. Ugh sorry for all of you! Hope they don’t take too long to come through 😟 Avery just cut her first tooth and I was all braggy that we barely even noticed, but I definitely dread what’s coming when the bigger teeth start moving…

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    • I was all Braggs about how well baby MPB’s first 2 teeth were….I think this is Karma’s way of laughing at me for that! Haha!
      I hope Avery’s teeth continue to come in without pain and agony for her and you! 😊

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  11. I’d say a few days and it should be over. In my experience with the boys, the misery was over before the entire tooth had cut through. And it sounds about like the right age to get them from what I remember. Both my boys were under a year for sure and Levi has (I think) 8 molars already at 22 months. The good news? He didn’t suffer through some of them. In fact, I started noticing teeth in his mouth that I never knew he was cutting! Hopefully this is the case with baby mpb.

    Btw, I remember hearing about suppository form pain reliever. Sounds unpleasant but might be worth looking into….


  12. Oh no! Teething is the worst. We are struggling with the front top two at the moment. They seem to be taking forever. Wishing those molars through super quick.

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  13. Both babies were teething while we were on our vacation, and it made it difficult because they were both in such cranky moods. Dumplin’s been dealing with molars for the past two months, and it’s been awful for him too. All four of his baby molars are breaking through at the same time. Luckily, ours take Advil and Tylenol better now than they used to. They still wake up ~5 times a night in tears though. It’s so hard. I hope the pain eases soon for all of you.


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