The Last 24 Hours

3 things have happened in the last 24 hours.

  1. I used the Nose Frida for the first time.  As Mr. MPB held Baby MPB, I took the role of Nose Frida sucker.  I gagged and nearly puked.  Now, 24 hours later, I am basically a Nose Frida sucker expert and can even do it without Mr. MPB’s help.  It still grosses me out, but such is life, I guess.
  2. I held Baby MPB down while the doctor did a throat swab.  Baby MPB was rather upset about this experience. But the doctor was pretty quick and efficient, so it didn’t last too long.
  3. Mr. MPB gave Baby MPB a Tylenol suppository (I deemed that task a daddy task).  Baby MPB now pukes every single time we give him baby Tylenol/Advil the regular way and refuses any bottle that is laced with baby Tylenol/Advil, so suppositories are now a basic requirement.

Baby MPB has had fevers in the past.  But, this is his first cold.  And, I realize cold’s aren’t typically a big deal, but being slightly over cautious I clearly took him to the doctor after a few days of no improvement.  The doctor is fairly confident it’s a virus, but did a throat swab to be sure as his throat is bright red.  We also discussed the rash that is on his cheeks and his hands (but not on his feet or in his mouth, which basically rules out Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease).  The doctor is also confident it’s not chicken pox.

So basically, if the swab comes back negative (which we expect it will) all we do is keep him hydrated and away from all other little kidlets until the virus clears up.  Unless it gets worse, in which case we go straight back to the doctor.

Oh, and I’m sick again too.  Fun times over here in the MPB household…

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21 Comments on “The Last 24 Hours

  1. Man…you guys just cannot catch a break on the sickness front! Hope you and Baby MPB are feeling better soon! Nose Frieda takes a couple tries to get used to it but is amazing!!! A hates it though, lol.


  2. I hope the whole house feels better soon. And I think taking him to the doctor is the best thing to do especially if it doesn’t clear up. There have been some neglect cases here in the states of parents not taking the child in to the doctor when they needed to, resulting in the death of the child. It’s hard to hear stories like that.


  3. Lamesauce! You are a trooper for doing the nose frieda-I think it is a solid testimony that a mother will do ANYTHING for her child (because I think we can all agree, it’s gross). Best wishes for a speedy recovery! XOXO

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  4. Oh my god, does this suck or what?? We’re sick again too. Will someone get these kids an immune system. ;/


  5. Nooo! I’m counting my lucky stars we haven’t had to deal with this yet. YET… It’s gotta happen one of these days. Wishing you all speedy recoveries!


  6. Sounds a lot like my house right now! We’ve been using the Nose Frida too and it’s so gross! It works but it’s disgusting! We use a baby saline spray the doctor recommended beforehand and it helps but Baby E hates it!
    Hope you and your munchkin are feeling better soon!


  7. The nose frieda is awesome. I’ve had to use it quite a bit already on my little guy.

    I had to use tylenol suppositories with my daughter a few months back when she refused to take any meds orally. They were a life saver!

    Hope baby mpb is feeling better soon!


  8. Thinking of you! If the NF can’t do the job (which we use too) a humidifier or running a hot shower for steam can help immensely. We’ve had a lot of colds already, somehow, and sometimes our little guy can’t sleep because of a plugged up nose!

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