A Night Away

Before Baby MPB, I wrote about how much I hated hotels when I was away for work, how I went through our second miscarriage in a hotel hundreds of miles away from Mr. MPB, how I never sleep well in hotels, etc.

With the arrival of Baby MPB, and working basically full-time, I managed to do the last year of work without staying in a single hotel over night for work. Which was basically a small miracle.

But today it’s different – I am in a hotel by myself knowing I have a sick baby at home (thankfully with his amazing dad).

And, not that this should surprise anyone, with Baby MPB and Mr. MPB at home while I am in a hotel alone, just isn’t fun.  I still don’t love staying in hotels alone for work.  While I’ve been away from Baby MPB before when I spent a night in the hospital for surgery, hotels are just lonely and I’m fully conscious to be aware of the loneliness.  I assume I will still struggle to sleep – it’s eerily quiet without Baby MPB in the next room or Mr. MPB’s snoring (funny how I miss something like snoring, when I hate it so much when I’m home).

Photo Source (Adapted from original): Office.com Clip Art

Photo Source (Adapted from original): Office.com Clip Art

But, even though I’m surprised to admit this, I will – I’m also slightly hopeful that I get some good sleep tonight.  The fact is, I’m exhausted.  So hopefully my sick body just collapses into this bed and sleeps for 8+ solid hours.  Mr. MPB will have to deal with whatever the sick Baby MPB throws at him, and I will hopefully use tonight to just sleep and maybe even start to feel better.  And, if I don’t sleep well, I’m excited to at least have sole control of the tv remote to binge on home reno and cooking shows that we don’t get since we cut our cable a few years ago.

And, honestly, regardless of how I may feel about spending my night here, I really don’t have a choice but to spend the night.  Even if I wanted to drive home, it’s simply not safe due to a winter storm that’s blowing outside.  I am staying where I am safe, and my family is staying where they are safe.  And honestly, that’s what matters the most right now.

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10 Comments on “A Night Away

  1. It is amazing you have managed to avoid it so far!!! I’m dreading this so much when I go back to work being away weeks at a time 😭
    Sleep well Mrs MPB! There has to be some consolation out of being away from your family!


  2. Enjoy your well-deserved sleep. Hope you feel better – and remember it is not a crime for a mother to enjoy time to herself – I didn’t figure that out until my kids were about 18 and 20 years old – well, actually just last week I figured that out.


  3. I hope you get a good night’s sleep tonight! And I hope that you all start feeling better soon! There’s a lot of funk going on around in my area as well, I’m just glad that we haven’t gotten it yet. If you want to stay somewhere and have baby noises and watch cooking and home shows, you can come stay with me! That’s what I usually have on TV…just ask B, he gets sick of it lol!!

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