Mr. MPB and I are both going at about 200% right now.

We are both working countless hours trying to get more money to pay for our massive adoption bill that is due this week. The dollar figure is staggering and quite literally makes me feel sick to my stomach.

We are both trying to deal with the fact that our house is still not fully put back together after the reno. Work has come to a halt for the last few days as we are both too busy with life to even think about it.

We are trying to do more and more paperwork. Today I am mailing the first set of immigration paperwork so that our child will become a Canadian citizen.

Oh, and we are also trying to continue preparing for baby. Our constant activities seem to include shopping on Amazon.ca, washing baby stuff, putting together the nursery which had also become home to countless bathroom reno items that really need to be put away.

We are balancing calls with our adoption social workers and lawyers constantly. Trying to both participate in phone calls and yet separating tasks when we need to. Where we can we are taking the approach of divide and conquer. For example, Mr. MPB is dealing with organizing the money for the massive payment that’s due. I am dealing with immigration paperwork.

Both of us are struggling to deal with our work demands and constant adoption stuff. I’m literally watching my phone ring while in meetings for work and trying to figure out how quickly I can escape for a few minutes to call them back. And Mr. MPB is doing the exact same thing. It’s far less than ideal, but so far we are making it work.

We still need to pack baby stuff for our trip to meet baby. We know now that baby could come at any time and we could have to try to cross the continent in a matter of hours (which will basically be impossible, but I’m trying not to think about that possibility). So packing now is smart, but neither of us have the time to do that just yet. Maybe this weekend I’ll get to it.

Our to-do list is overwhelming. And each of our tempers are becoming a bit shorter these days. But, I guess that’s what a lack of sleep and stress does to most people.

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24 Comments on “Exhausted

  1. It sounds like you are both attacking the problems head-on and working well together! Kudos to you.

    We went through many of the same things adopting our two kids. Now, they are exciting and interesting stories our kids enjoy hearing (part of their adoption stories), but heck ya – it was crazy at the time! 🙂

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  2. I wish I lived closer so I could help you put away your reno stuff and wash and fold baby clothes, etc. I know you’re burning the candle at both ends right now. I’m hoping so much that you can slow down, at least a little, soon. Xoxo.

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  3. Oh yay, adoption could be any time now. That’s freaking exciting. You need all the r&r you can get right now and your not getting ANY. Eeeks. I bet the excitement plunges over all of this. I can’t even imagine how nerve racking this all is!!


  4. This post makes me smile apart from the money issues. I m sorry its soo hard and such a horrible time for the loonie to sink. Sweetie this will be your new normal when baby comes home. But i think you are both doing it fantastically well.

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  5. Oh man girl! I can’t imagine how you are doing all of this!!! You got this I know you do. It may seem overwhelming at time rights now but you are doing great. Plus as we both know it’s all worth it!!

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  6. It sounds incredibly intense but I am getting teary when I think about the end result. Seriously beyond happy for you and if I lived in Canada I would totally help you get that nursery together and anything else.

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  7. Goodness – all of this is happening so fast! I wish I could help you do something, like pack your bags or something. Anything! This is a good kind of busy, though. 🙂

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  8. Oh my. I know it’s hard but try to rest where you can – the baby will leave you more tired than you ever thought possible, so conserve energy where you can!! I hope you get everything sorted out – it sounds so busy and very stressful. Best of luck with all the coordinating. Anxious to hear good news x

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  9. Sounds like you are already adapting to that new parent lifestyle! I know it is overwhelming and I hope you can get some sleep soon. I’m finding myself that lack of sleep makes everything even more stressful. Here’s to hoping it all goes as planned! Sending you love!

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  10. Holy moly, I bet you guys are tired cause I am just imagining all the running around you’re doing. At the same time I’m proud and excited, proud because you’re part of our little community and you’ve been there to cheer folks on when their tide turned and now o am so proud to be able to celebrate this milestone with you!!! Congrats, I wish there was some tangible way to help with all the organza get.

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  11. It sounds like you are both doing the best you possibly can in the circumstances you are in. Hope you are able to get some time this weekend to pack and get some things done (and dare I say it, maybe even a tiny little breather for you both)!

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  12. Have you thought about doing a Crowdfunding/Kickstarter type of thing? I’ve heard of a LOT of people doing that whether it’s for adoption, surrogacy costs, etc. For us we jacked up the limit on our credit card so that we’ll get airline miles for all the stress of it :))))

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