Whining & Complaining

Please bare with me while I whine, complain and probably even swear today. Or, better yet, you probably should just skip this post, nothing productive is going to come out of it.

  1. My mouth is freaking killing me after a visit to the dentist.  I have horrible teeth, always have and presumably always will.  At this point I simply pride myself on the fact that I don’t have any fake teeth yet.  Needless to say I lost the genetics lottery when it comes to my teeth and I hate it.  And today, I’m incredibly bitter about it as I’m sitting here in pain.  In theory, after having a small cavity filled, my mouth should hurt less.  But right now as my freezing is coming out, I’m miserable and cranky.  Just ask Mr. MPB, he just took the brunt of it.
  2. Our freaking bathroom reno has stalled.  After being sick all weekend and working, we simply don’t have time for it.  I feel like doing the I told you so dance as I knew this was going to happen and have been saying for months when I wanted to hire someone to do.  Now we are halfway into it so hiring someone just isn’t going to happen and so we have to find time to finish it.  While I’m willing to help, I’m not the best helper because I’m not all that skilled when it comes to major home renos.  I suck at drywall repairs.  I have no idea how to do anything plumbing or electrical related.  I can use a drill, but have a tendency to strip the screws.  Honestly, I need a lot of direction which is just a pain in the butt for Mr. MPB.  So, Mr. MPB is frustrated with me for not being more help and I’m frustrated with the whole freaking thing for taking over our lives.
  3. I miss my bed.  The bathroom reno is our master en suite.  Needless to say the reno has taken over our bedroom too and we are now sleeping in the basement guest room.  That bed sucks.
  4. Did I mention how annoyed I am at our families about Christmas this year?  I haven’t actually talked to either set of parents in a few weeks, but I’m still harboring a lot of annoyance about the whole season.
  5. Christmas shopping for everyone is done.  However, Mr. MPB has decided to complain about his lack of time to buy anything for my stocking.  So, I have taken it upon myself to start Christmas shopping for myself.  The three stocking-stuffers I’ve bought myself so far are very nice, but I’m pretty sure that’s not how Christmas is supposed to work.  I am just so over Christmas this year. (Note, Mr. MPB did not ask me to do this and is slightly annoyed at me for helping, but he’s stressed so I thought I’d help him out).
  6. Work has slowed down at least for the rest of the month.  In fact, it’s slowed down a lot.  Great because I have time.  But, right now this is far less then ideal.  Simply, we need the income more then I want to work part time. Alas the problem of he consulting world where your income fluctuates.
  7. Adoption bills effing suck and don’t even get me started on the current Canadian/USA exchange rate that’s adding nearly 30% to each and every bill we have to pay.

That is it for today.  I refuse to keep writing a list of rambling complaints because I do realize the world is not ending and compared to many my life is probably pretty darn good.  Really, I’m just in pain and therefore annoyed at everything.

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14 Comments on “Whining & Complaining

  1. Lol, I can’t believe you went Christmas shopping for yourself. Oh wait, yes I can. Last year I bought two things for myself from hubby, wrapped them, and opened them Christmas morning. My parents used to get around this by putting a pets name on the label, aka. I want this watch, so I’ll buy this watch and say it’s from our dog Levi.


  2. I don’t think anything makes the world seem like it’s caving in faster than dental pain!!! A major toothache can make a day go from perfectly pleasant to one that ends with a broadcaster saying “before turning the gun on himself.” That shit is the worst! Hope you feel better soon.


  3. Ugh I also lost the good teeth lottery. I feel your pain ( although fortunately for me not literally- we will see if that changes after my dental appointment next week!) I hope you’re feeling better soon. If we lived close I’d totally drag my hubs over to help with your bathroom. We are getting quite good at this home improvement stuff!


  4. Noooooo….Christmas stockings are supposed to be the ONE surprise thing from Santa!!! I’m sorry 😦 but I very much feel your complaining here!!!
    I hope your mouth feels better soon! Going to the dentist just sucks.


  5. Ugh- whine away my friend. And while you are at it- drink a big ole glass of wine tonight too 🙂


  6. Posts like these are needed sometimes! Never apologize for being human. We all have days, weeks, months like this. Hang in there! Hoping you are out of pain soon!

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  7. Nothing wrong with letting out your frustrations. Sorry your teeth are hurting. Dental pain is no fun, and hopefully you’re feeling better soon. I have no advice about the bathroom reno, other than I hope that Mr can find the time to finish it soon!! Everything you’re upset about is very valid, so don’t feel bad about any of it. Though I can’t believe you’re buying your own Christmas gifts! I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry about that for you! B has gotten no gifts for anyone at all yet, and doesn’t understand why it makes me stressed! Sheesh! Hope tomorrow is a better day for you! *hugs*

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  8. Oi… I would be whining if I were you too. Firstly not being able to sleep in your own bed, especially when you’re sick. I totally get it. You just be whiney and complainy. It’s well warranted. x

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  9. Ugh…I’m right there with you on bad teeth. They’re straight and white, but that’s about as far as it goes! I’m sorry things just aren’t going smoothly right now. Those seasons in life suck to get through especially when they fall during a season that you normally love like Christmas. Sending you lots of love and big hugs!!!

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