A Little Update

Where to start?  General, 2019 has not been a good year for us.

January started with a family trip to Hawaii which was abruptly ended with a family member’s massive brain injury and lead to a surprise brain surgery in June.  Everything turned out okay considering how badly the original prognosis was.  Life is forever changed, but is still rather normal. 2019 also saw my Aunt’s cancer diagnosis and death. Her death has devastated me. And of course, other extended family drama has come up due to all the stress that everyone on both sides of our families have been experiencing.  Feelings have been hurt which have resulted in us putting up a few walls/boundaries to protect our hearts. I have lots of emotions around so many things that have transpired in 2019…

Oh, and Doodle MPB is still here.  She’s still crazy and insane.  But she is slowly becoming a crazy and insane dog, rather then a crazy and insane puppy.  And, we are actually starting to like her more often then we don’t. So progress is happening, albeit more slowly then we’d like.

My work is busier then I could ever have imagined and I’m looking forward to slowing down to a more normal pace in another year (or so).  Mr. MPB’s work has also gone through some challenging and stressful transitions which has resulted in him also working more then is ideal.

All the family stuff has meant that between Mr. MPB and I, we have done 7 solo flights around North America to be present and supportive with extended family at their times of need.  Plus add, in my work schedule which has required me to be away too much, our lives seem to be a lot of alternating solo parenting.  (Last month was particularly bad with me away for 21 nights due to both family and work).

At this point, I like to think we are surviving 2019, but we really aren’t living.  (I hope that makes sense).

Little MPB always has one parent around, obviously ensuring his care is top priory (as it always will be).  But, Mr. MPB and I have become more like like ships passing in the night.

Both Mr. MPB and I understand our lives in a temporary state of insanity.  We both try our best to pick up the slack when the other is either away or busy trying to get work done to meet deadlines.  We both try our best not to complain (we don’t always succeed at this, but we do try).

Little MPB has handled the insanity surprisingly well.  Of course, he has his bad days, but to be fair, we all do.  I have to admit, my favourite moment is always his whole body happiness when the three of us are back together.

I am cautiously optimistic that the end of 2019 and the start of 2020 will see our family regain a sense of normalcy in our daily routines.

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15 Comments on “A Little Update

  1. 2019 has been a year I will definitely NOT miss. Other than the arrival of Albie, the year has been a series of unfortunate events here too. I’ll put up a toast to you and your family on new year’s eve!


  2. “Feelings have been hurt which have resulted in us putting up a few walls/boundaries to protect our hearts.” Man, this quote hits home! I hope your family has a calm, peaceful, joyous 2020 coming right up.


  3. I much appreciate the update and hope you all have a good holiday season and new year. I am with you on a need for normalcy and a slower pace.


  4. It has to get better. That sounds like a really tough year. I hope that you have a good rest and holiday and start the new year refreshed and happy! X


  5. Such a tough year for you guys. You have been in my thoughts often. I totally get what you mean about surviving rather than living. I hope 2020 sees more living for all of us!


  6. Sorry you guys have been dealing with so much for so long. Sounds like you’re doing your best to take it all in stride and work through it. Hopefully things will settle down for you soon!!


  7. While I’m happy to see an update from you, it makes my heart go out to you guys for all you have had to deal with this year. What goes down must come up again right? I’m proud of you guys for knowing to put up walls/boundaries to protect yourselves. Not a lot of people have the power to do that. A silver lining that you can use as you look back on the year is that while it may have felt like it has broken you guys over and over again, it actually is the year that has made you stronger and more resilient. If your little family and marriage can get through 2019, you can get through pretty much anything ❤


  8. That statement about surviving but not really living hit home. I hope 2020 is a brighter and slower year for you all! And how amazing and strong are you as a mother and woman! Go girl!!


  9. I hope you are finding normalcy this year. My son also is happiest when our whole little family is together.


  10. Sometimes I come back to see if you’ve blogging in awhile. Mostly when I’m thinking about writing. I miss the updates and hope you’re doing well friend.

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  11. @Sondra, me too! Isn’t that too funny, just a day apart. I really do hope you and your family are doing well, dear MPB!

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