Is It Possible We Found Our Doodle MPB Solution?

I’m not sure that it is possible, but maybe?  Just maybe?

Right before Christmas, I had a breakdown that involved me sending a text to Mr. MPB stating that “Doodle MPB needs to get out of my house.  NOW.”  In that moment, I hated her more then I’ve ever hated anyone/thing in my life.  Honestly, I’m not sure I’ve ever been more serious about anything in my life – I needed her out of my hair (literally, he paws were on my head as I sat at my desk working). 

Mr. MPB didn’t take me seriously.

So, I called a doggy daycare that we had taken Dog MPB to years ago as a puppy.  I inquired about availability and was told we could come by that very day for an initial assessment and trial day.

In the past, same day availability would have been a negative warning sign for me.  And, adding a daily commute into our lives was something I was avoiding.  But, on that day, I just needed her gone and I figured she’d be safer there then with me.  So, I loaded her into the car and off we went.

When I picked her up, she came home a new dog.  Or, maybe, for the first time in her life, she was just a tired dog!

Since then we have been taking her one or two times a week.

Let me tell you, everyone is happier!!  Thanks to simple exhaustion we are seeing more and more of her sweet personality.  And that sweet personality is the reason we have refused to give up on her.  Now when we are all at home, she chooses to pass more time lying on the floor or playing with toys, not needed quite as much constant attention for Mr. MPB or I.  When we are home, she is spending way less time in her crate and having a lot more free-reign of the main floor.

She’s still not perfect – she still jumps like she’s part kangaroo, and barks constantly.  While these behaviours are still annoying, these days they seem more tolerable and also more inline with typical 1 year old puppy behaviours.  And behaviours we have a better chance work working to reduce through training, now that she’s more able to listen.

But, between daycare and Clomicalm, we are spending a lot of money on her every months (daycare 2x per month is $200 and Clomicalm  is $233 per month).  So, we are going to continue taking her to doggy daycare 1-2 times a week.  So now that the crazy of Christmas is behind us, we are trying to wean her off Clomicalm. It may not work, but it’s worth a try!

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8 Comments on “Is It Possible We Found Our Doodle MPB Solution?

  1. Hallelujah! I hope it sticks!

    The best thing I ever did for Chops (my doodle) was to get Loonie (my other doodle). They were puppies together, and played each other out every single day (and still do, 5 years later).

    Not that I’m recommending you get another dog! But the daycare is a great solution…it gives her the play time she needs and gives you a well earned break. 🙂

    I’ll cross everything I’ve got that it sticks!


  2. I couldn’t tolerate my dog when she was a puppy unless she was tired out. I spent countless hours at the dog park (1+ hr a day!) as I had more time than money back then.


  3. So great to hear it’s working! Best thing we did was hire a dog walker who takes our dog out for 2 hour hikes every day. It costs us $200 for a package of 10 hikes, so roughly $400 a month if she goes every day, but it has made her far more bearable. High energy dogs are tough to wear out, but one of the perfect ways is to put them in a giant space with a ton of other dogs and let them exhaust themselves!


  4. Yes, I really do need to get my Kona back into doggie daycare more often. It makes the nights so much better for everyone!


  5. Yay! This is wonderful news. I’m SO happy for you guys getting a win after everything you’ve been through with her. Yay!


  6. We use a doggie daycare for our blue heeler and my favorite part is that he comes home so tired! We don’t use it all the time, but when he gets antsy, it’s usually our go to. Plus we use it when we travel.


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