My Perfect Breakdown


I think there is an old saying that goes something like “the straw that broke the camel’s back.”  And I think I finally hit that point with Doodle MPB.  And yet, even though I’m frustrated to tears, I’m still not willing to give up on her.  Probably in part because what’s put me over the edge, truly isn’t her fault.  But also, there is just something in me that refuses to give up… Read More

The not so good: Doodle MPB broke a nail. It’s bad so far as puppy nail breaks go. Bad enough that today Doodle MPB has to be sedated to fix it. Doodle MPB is probably going to end up with an infection, so she is preemptively going to start antibiotics. The good (kind-of): Our vet finally saw the real Doodle MPB this morning, not just a cute and adorable doodle. She saw… Read More