My Perfect Breakdown


I feel like I can breath again. You see, the crazy that was last week, turned out worse then planned.  Both Mr. MPB and I worked a tonne, almost every evening after Little MPB went to bed, we were both back at our computers.  And of course, I was also on the road with work a lot, which makes everything harder.  And the deck construction started as planned, and I loved demo… Read More

After desperately needing the weekend, I now desperately wish I had a time machine so I could have a weekend do-over. You see, the Devil Dog had a rough weekend, which means we had a rough weekend. First, Saturday morning, she was left unattended outside of her crate for 20 minutes.  Which was 20 minutes too long, and was entirely the adult human’s fault (Mr. MPB was home alone with Little MPB… Read More