Weekend Do-Over

After desperately needing the weekend, I now desperately wish I had a time machine so I could have a weekend do-over.

You see, the Devil Dog had a rough weekend, which means we had a rough weekend.

First, Saturday morning, she was left unattended outside of her crate for 20 minutes.  Which was 20 minutes too long, and was entirely the adult human’s fault (Mr. MPB was home alone with Little MPB and Doodle MPB and in the chaos forgot to put her in her crate when Mr. MPB and Little MPB went outside to play).  The only patch of carpet she had access to, which she has always chosen to sleep on when she’s out of her crate and supervised, now looks like this:

And of course, you cannot just replace a small patch of carpet.  So, we are now contemplating how to fix our entire office floor.

Carpet or hardwood?  Our office is the only room on the main-floor of our house which is carpeted.  We’ve never understood why the previous homeowners didn’t put hardwood into the office, but we had no intentions of changing it.  But, now is clearly the ‘opportunity’ to change the carpet to hardwood.  We don’t have quotes yet, but if we can swing it financially, I want to change it to hardwood for a few reasons.  First, I prefer hardwood to carpet.  Second, no-more carpet for the dog to ruin.  Third, so much nicer to have a consistent flooring on our main-floor.  But, the problem of course is that hardwood is probably 3 to 4 times more expensive.  As luck would have it, we just decided to put off doing the bulk of our backyard landscaping until next year as the puppy will just ruin it, so we can probably afford to splurge on the hardwood, but then we may have to put the backyard off for another full year until we can save up the money again.  I just keep telling myself that at least we have options, even if I’d really rather not be contemplating any of this.

Insurance claim or not?  We know insurance will only replace like for like – which means they will only cover the cost of carpet.  And, as our basement flood was over 3 years ago, if we put in an insurance claim for this carpet our rates will not rise.  But, if we go through insurance and then have something else go wrong in our house, then our rates will drastically increase.  So, we are waiting on the carpet quote to see if it’s even worth the deductible.

And, then after destroying our carpet, on a afternoon walk Doodle MPB managed to eat an dirty rag that we walked past.  (Side note, why was their a dirty rag in a park?!)  So, now we are waiting to see if she pukes it up or if she ends up needing surgery to remove a blockage.  We know it could take up to a few weeks for her to puke it up, and as of now she’s behaving normally, so we are trying not to worry about the potential vet bill.

Needless to say, I’d like a weekend do-over.  I’d like to prevent the bad stuff and just be in a happier mood.

But alas, I don’t have a time machine.

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4 Comments on “Weekend Do-Over

  1. Ugh, I’m so sorry! Your vet could have induced vomiting right after it happened to get the rag out. She may poop it out too. I hope she just doesn’t have to have surgery!!
    I’d go for hardwood as well. So much easier!
    Good luck with everything, and I hope this week goes better for you!

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  2. You have probably thought of this, but I would probably wait until your dog grows out of puppyhood before doing anything about the carpet, as there is a high likelihood that she will destroy something else in the interim.

    I spent 5 unplanned hours of my Sunday at the emergency vet with our elderly golden retriever, so I had pet problems of a different kind. Completely missed a play date with friends I haven’t seen in several months (my kids still went with my husband) and didn’t have time to do my laundry. Oh well. . . .


  3. If this gives you any kind of sympathy, our family golden retriever, when he was a puppy ate an entire sock that had a knot tied in the middle. Just inhaled it. Took a week or so but he pooped it out entirely. Puppies stomachs are pretty iron strong so hopefully he passes that rag with minimal problems and doesn’t require a surgery visit.

    I swear puppies + floor destruction go hand in hand. It’s awful! The same puppy I mentioned above ate an entire half of the kitchen laminate floor when we were all out for the day and he was barricaded in his area. Got one corner of the awful 80s laminate pulled up and off he went on a chewing spree. I just don’t get it. If you are looking for a slightly more affordable, and durable, but comparable flooring to proper hardwood floors, try engineered hardwood. We just put it in our house and you can’t even tell the difference. But our bank account can! Much better price for it. You could probably find something that matches the existing hardwood too.

    Have you ever tried Bully sticks for him? They are great for chewers and keep them distracted for awhile. I know you’re likely not going to make the (totally normal) mistake of not locking him up next time, but even just for keeping him occupied at other moments of the day they are quite great. http://bosleys.com/product/11468/12-bully-stick-supreme-open-range they aren’t cheap, but worth buying a bundle of them to have on hand when needed.


  4. We got vinyl flooring earlier this year. My brother says it’s actually better for your joints and it’s waterproof which was why we chose it. Hope it all works out!


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