Is It Saturday Yet?

Last weekend was busy as Little MPB and I went to visit family together while Mr. MPB stayed home to work.  Of course, Little MPB had fun, but I also solo parented for a few days which is always a bit exhausting.  Needless to say, I was hoping for a chill week.

But alas, that has not happened.  In fact, given the crazy, I’m slightly impressed that we’ve made it to Thursday mostly intact.  Here is the coles-notes of our week so far are:

  • Our week started with a phone call from daycare on Monday telling us that we have a sick toddler with a temperature consistently above 40C (104F).  Which of course means, he was sent home from daycare on Monday.  Which then meant the juggle of work and parenting a sick toddler started.  Thankfully his fever broke Wednesday morning and asides from some lingering grouchiness, Little MPB is back to his normal self.  Which means he’s back at daycare today and we are just hoping he continues to improve.
  • We found Devil dog (aka Doodle MPB) barking on our front porch on Monday evening.  It turns out she found a way to escape from our backyard, which we had previously thought was the equivalent of a doggy fortress.  Needless to say, we were proven wrong but couldn’t find her escape route.  She disappeared again and Mr. MPB couldn’t search for her as he was solo parenting a sleeping baby.  Thankfully he yelled a few times and she came back.  So, we scoured the yard for the problem and think we’ve found it – a tiny opening between the house and the fence, a space that we didn’t think she could get through, but it is the only possibility we can see.  It’s now been blocked and hopefully she stays put.
  • I had an exam.  Which could not be rescheduled so Mr. MPB had to do way more then 50% of the sick toddler care this week (thankfully he’s been able to completely rearrange his schedule and pick up my slack).  But, in good news, I passed.
  • Fit in a trip to the doctor to confirm Little MPB has a virus.  They did a swab to confirm it’s not strep throat, but honestly I think that will come back negative as he’s back to normal himself now.  Call me paranoid, but after his pneumonia a few months ago, I just needed reassurance from a doctor that there wasn’t something going on that I couldn’t see.
  • Devil Dog has also become an expert doggy bed destroyer. But, I will say, at least she’s just ruining doggy beds and not furniture (knock on wood I didn’t just jinx that).  I’m done buying expensive beds just to see them be torn to pieces. but I also find it so sad seeing her sitting in her crate without anything comfortable to lay on.  So, in my spare time I’m going to stop by a second had store today or tomorrow to buy some cheap blankets for her inside her crate.
  • Little MPB has refused to sleep past 5:30am all week.  Starting the day before 6am is just wrong.
  • The horribleness that has been hanging over my head, may very well explode again today.
  • My annual dentist check-up confirmed that I have another expensive tooth problem that must be fixed immediately.  Needless to say I’m not excited for tomorrow’s minor dental surgery or for the bill.
  • I have not managed to fit in a single run or bike ride since I hurt my leg.  Honestly, as much as I wanted to push myself I decided I needed to walk the dog twice without pain before I was going to push myself.  Last night marked my second pain free dog walk, so I’m going to get back at this weekend.

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20 Comments on “Is It Saturday Yet?

  1. when it rains, it torrential downpours! Hang in there, Mama! Good luck at the dentist. I feel for you on that one the most xo

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    • Thank you. Unfortunately I did not win the genetics lottery when it comes to my teeth so I’m rather used to the pain (both literal pain and financial pain). I’m hoping tomorrow at least goes by quickly.

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  2. Oh no! I hate when weeks go this way. So stressful!! But at least you passed your test…yay!! Glad little is feeling better as well. I would’t feel bad about the dog laying on a bare crate floor if she kept destroying things, but maybe I’m just mean! 😛 I really hope you have a relaxing weekend, and that next week is much better for everyone!

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    • She spent the first few months without a blanket or a bed because she was peeing on them, so now that she’s stopped peeing on them she’s decided to rip them apart. So depending on what she does with blankets, maybe she’ll be back to no bed/blanket soon enough!

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  3. Ugh!! Terrible week!! Congrats on passing the exam, though, and I hope things improve from here!
    Also, when I first saw that pic on your Instagram I thought it was the seat of a car that she had destroyed!! It is very lucky she doesn’t destroy things that aren’t hers (knock on wood!!)

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    • Thank goodness she didn’t eat the car seat! That would have been much more expensive to replace. Hopefully she continues to only destroy her things….or maybe I should say hopefully we keep remembering to make sure she’s not left with unsupervised access to things she could destroy, because I have no doubt she’d put a giant hole or two in our couch if given the chance!!


  4. Congratulations on passing your exam — I’m so happy for you!!!

    The rest of it… well… I hope things settle down soon. And I’m glad Little MPB is back to normal, but man, those Monday illnesses are the worst! Why don’t they ever get sick on Friday afternoon???

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    • Right? Friday illnesses would be so much easier to deal with as a working parent. Instead by the time Friday rolls around and he’s healthy I’ll probably be sick just in time to chase a healthy toddler around all day. Because that’s just the way it’s bound to work.

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  5. Some pains are physical, some Mental.
    The one that’s both, is dental.

    I hope the tooth problem is not too serious and doesn’t cause any further issues for you.
    Glad to hear little MPB is fine , and yay! Congratulations on the exam 🙂

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    • This made me laugh. Yes the dental pain is both physical and mental pain. I’m unfortunately very seasoned when it comes to dental work so I know I’ll survive.


  6. OMG, I’m counting the hours until Saturday! Eric is on-call this week, so I’m completely alone day and night with the girls. Nadia had those three doc appointments this week and I’m just done done done with appointments! And it’s already 3:15 and I haven’t planned dinner yet! How many nights can they have mac and cheese??? Hang in there, thinking of you 🙂

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  7. I was going to suggest blankets! Our doodle chewed up his dog beds until he was about 4 years old. Now, finally at age 5, he is trusted with beds again. With that being said, we used old blankets and old or 2nd hand rugs for their beds and it worked out just fine. It’s funny, sometimes they still prefer a blanket to lay on over the actual dog bed.


  8. Some dogs go over the fence…even when people think it is too tall…. Hope not in your case!
    Good wishes for next week being smoother.

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  9. Well….. congrats on passing your exam. That is a big deal!

    And as for the rest of it…. Ughhhh… I don’t know how you do it all. But I feel like I should send you a bottle of wine…

    Hope things are improving.


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