In in one quick second my get off my butt and run every other day plan has come to a halt.

And all I can say is when your calf muscle feels a bit funny while running, maybe stop before you feel the pop.

But of course, I didn’t. Instead, I just figured it would go away as I continued my run.

And like some sort of cruel joke it didn’t go away, in fact when I was 2.5 km (about 1.5 miles) from home without my cell phone, the pop happened. My best run so far, came to an instant halt and I had to hobble home.

According to Dr. Google I’ve managed to give myself a Grade 2 Calf Strain. I am clearly completely unqualified to diagnose myself, and I suspect Dr. Goodle is as well, but alas, that’s what I’m going with. On the assumption I’m correct with the calf strain diagnosis, I truly don’t think it’s a grade 3 calf strain, which means it isn’t bad enough to warrant a trip to the doctor. But, realizing the limitations of the Dr. Google diagnosis, if I still cannot put weight on the ball of my foot in a few days, I may make an appointment with my real doctor.

But, like all not-so-smart people who pushed through a pain and makes everything worse, I also refuse to take a break from my basic fitness plan. As I’m three weeks into my get off my butt and run every other day plan, I cannot give up now. Because knowing me giving up, even if just temporarily, means I may just stop entirely. And stopping entirely is not an option.

So, I’m going to switch things up. Instead of running, I’m going to bike every other day. I don’t know much about human anatomy, but I’m pretty sure that the muscles used cycling are different then the ones used running. So, I’m hoping that the muscle I have hurt wont hurt if I go biking. So, tonight Mr. MPB is going to do a quick once over of my bike and make sure it’s ready to roll. And Friday morning, I’m going to hit the trails!

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18 Comments on “Pop!

  1. Going ‘around the block’ multiple times before significant distance from home, keeping cell phone with you, icing your existing injury, and being super cautious all sound like good ideas to me. And no hills…..
    Wishing you well!

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    • I’ve been running that distance for a few weeks now so I wasn’t thinking I’d get hurt. Thankfully it wasn’t that bad so I could hobble home. But I will be smarter on my bike and bring my phone. And yes, lots of ice! 😊


  2. Yikes! Take it easy and you’ll be back in no time. Varying your workouts will help your muscles (and boredom) too. Enjoy the biking and running! Add in swimming and you’ll be on your way to a triathlon in no time!


  3. How did biking go? I definitely put the ball of my foot on the pedal and engage my calf muscles when I ride. Please go to the Dr so you don’t do more damage to yourself! Get the all clear before continuing. If you have to take a few days off that does not mean defeat.

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    • I never went. We’ve been going for nightly walks and my leg is swollon and I can still barely walk so I decided to take the day off from biking too. I’m still hoping I am up for a bike ride tomorrow but I may be forced to sit this weekend out.


      • Can it go from 2 to 3 from overuse before healing? That would be my motivation to get it checked out and some pro advice. I am remembering my insane Charlie horse caused by potassium deficiency and this has gotta be way worse.

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  4. Biking is a good substitute for running. I’ve been told the equivalent is 3 miles biked equals 1 mile ran (not sure what that is in km).

    I have had calf and Achilles issues the last four years. My suggestion would be to get some calf compression sleeves which will help plus lots of stretching and if you can some toe raises off a step to build strength. If you need any tips, please let me know.

    Good luck.


    • Thank you!! I really appreciated your comment. I’m still not able to run and haven’t had the courage to bike. Just going for walks with the dog is causing me a lot of pain. If I’m not feeling better by Monday I think I’ll actually go to a doctor.
      I’ve been doing lots of toe raises since you posted this!

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