Music & Dance Parties

Little MPB loves music. Right now he is obsessed with Blippi music. And when I say obsessed, I mean OBSESSED!

In his mind, life would be perfect if we could watch Blippi on repeat all day every day. But, since he’s 2 and he doesn’t make the the rules, 98% of the time he has to settle for Blippi music.

I cannot help but laugh at the fact that I know every single word to songs like The Garbage Truck Song, The Boat Song, The Fire Truck Song, The Excavator Song and The Airplane Song. Forget the classics like You Are My Sunshine or Hickory Dickory Dock.

Most night he much prefers The Garbage Truck Song and The Fire Truck Song. And right now he seems to hate The Excavator Song. But some night, he completely changes his preferences and epic tears flow because we put the wrong song on or the songs play in the wrong order.

But, my favourite part about his music preferences is that we put on the music and we have dance parties almost every night. Little MPB has so much energy! He has no inhibitions and is so silly when he dances. He just smiles and laughs the entire time. I was told once that families that dance are happy families – I have no idea if that’s actually scientifically true. But it just makes sense to me, especially considering how happy Little MPB is when he dances around the living room, and how happy the Adult MPB’s are dancing with him or even just watching him.

Toddler dance parties might just be one the the best things in life.

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13 Comments on “Music & Dance Parties

  1. Ha ha… if toddler dance parties make for happy families, then we are going to be the saddest family around! S is not only self-conscious about dancing already, but he hates it when my husband and I dance too! I tried to dance with him at my husband’s cousin’s wedding this weekend and he was just crying “No mama, no dance!” until I stopped. I’ve been joking that he’s just very precocious and getting a head start on being embarrassed by his parents. 🙂

    Seriously, though, Little MPB’s dance parties sound adorable. Enjoy that phase while it lasts!!!


    • Little MPB is like this when it comes to singing. He will not sing, ever. And sometimes he says “no music. Turn it off” but in reference to me when I’m signing to his songs in the car (I wouldn’t dare turn off the real music).
      Also, there’s no way you are the saddest family around, so clearly dance parties are not a happy family requirement. 🙂

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  2. Ha, I thought we were the only ones who watched Blippi (although his videos do have a lot of views). It’s something both kids seem to like and I like that the episode can be short – perfect to run upstairs and finish getting ready without children under foot.


  3. OMG, its the absolutely same here.
    After Blippi comes Steve and Maggie. Be prepared!
    I actually purchased the Blippi sound track from iTunes to keep them quient during long drives.
    I wish they loved Raffi, I love it way more than Blippi…

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  4. I must be living in a cave. What is Blippi? It sounds like something H would absolutely love! He loves when I sing songs to him and is always asking me to sing “truck song” or “Car song” and I have to make up my own lyrics because I only know the classic songs…or resort to christmas carols to get through. So Blippi sounds like it could be a lifesaver for my non-creative lyrics!

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    • Blippi is a YouTube kids entertainer. Little MPB LOVES him but we don’t let him watch too much because we really try to keep him away from YouTube because the potential ads scare the heck out of me.
      But little mpb loves his music which is on Spotify and iTunes. And it’s totoally worth having the songs ready for any drive.


  5. I’m going to have to check this “Blippi” out…A loves toddler music so much and is literally constantly singing. And then it’s always stuck in my head so it’ll be nice to change up the music haha. Little MPB sounds absolutely adorable!


  6. I have NO idea what Blippi is!!! Is it a cartoon? A person? A show? I’m afraid to even look it up! Cadence currently loves the Baby First channel (not sure if you have it up there!) It’s the only thing I really let her watch, but she could sit and watch it all day! She gets so excited when she sees her “friends”, and will talk and interact with the characters on the shows. At least she’s learning things from it!! These kids are too much fun 🙂

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  7. Love this so much!! Luke loves music and dancing too (although not in public). I’ve taken him to a few library dance parties and he’s like “ummm, no” but at home he’s constantly asking to play music and to dance. Enjoy your family dancing!!

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