The Things Toddlers Say

Remember how way back when I was all worried about Little MPB’s language development? As in, freaking out over it and eventually got a referral to a pediatrician to make sure he was developing on track?

Well, my obsessive worrying over his speech actually makes me laugh now, because I was so wrong to be so insanely worried #FirstTimeParentWorries. One day a few months ago, it was like his single word use exploded. And now, all he does is talk in little sentences, using new words every day.

When we are in the car we hear I see tree, I see car, I see big truck, I see snow. Snow cold.

When we are playing with toys we here I like car. My truck. Kick ball. Read books. MPB no like BB-8. I help Daddy. Paw Patrol?

When we are eating dinner we hear I like cheese. My Goldfish. Milk please. I like I like toast and jam (which actually means toast and butter, if we put jam on his toast he freaks out). I like cookies (which actually means baby rice crackers, poor kid doesn’t know that a real cookie is way better then rice crackers).

And most recently, while having an evening family dance party Little MPB stopped, looked up at us, and declared loudly enough for the neighbours to hear, I SWEATY BABY as he lifted up one arm and wiped sweat from his arm pit. I laughed so hard I cried. And now I’m left wondering how he knows what sweat is?

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14 Comments on “The Things Toddlers Say

  1. Adorable little sentences!! I’m so excited to start hearing about what Avery actually thinks when she starts forming little sentences of her own. What a fun stage!!


  2. This is fabulous!! I think about you often when I worry to myself that C doesn’t use enough words yet. She’s to a point where she will say a new word once or twice, then not again. Kinda frustrating! We can’t wait until she starts really talking so we know what she’s trying to tell us with all her gibberish lol!


    • Try not to stress! Holly seemed a bit slow too and then around 1ths it was like she had a little word explosion and they all started popping out. If she is saying some they will prob come if there is no speech thing going on for her. Hang in there!

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      • I think she’s just kinda stubborn and doesn’t want to sometimes. She obviously knows what things are and knows the correct words for things, because she will point to the correct picture/item when you ask her “Where’s (whatever)”. She’s starting to say more. We just have to be patient!


  3. Now you dont have to worry about his language anymore, right? 😁


  4. Haha, are we the same person? I had the exact same worries a few months ago at my daughter’s 18 month visit….the pediatrician was actually the one who made me start freaking out. Just as the referral came in for us to see a specialist her speech really took off and we ended up not even going to an appointment. Too funny that he’s so advanced now, I love the conversations I’ve started having with my daughter too 🙂 🙂


  5. Properly laughed out loud at that! ‘I sweaty baby’… Briliant! I enjoyed trying to put Little K to bed tonight to get a response of: ‘Mummy and daddy have big bed. My bed too tiny.’ She just makes me smile, and it’s gone so quickly from a couple of words to almost full sentences! Enjoy it, I’m loving this phase!

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