My Perfect Breakdown


It’s almost funny, now that I have over 2 years of experience in this parenting gig, I can spot a growth spurt a mile away. His normal food intake throughout the day consists of 6 specific mealtimes: breakfast at home a second breakfast/early-morning snack at daycare lunch at daycare afternoon snack at daycare afternoon snack while driving home from daycare supper at home While normally it’s like he grazes all day, lately… Read More

Remember how way back when I was all worried about Little MPB’s language development? As in, freaking out over it and eventually got a referral to a pediatrician to make sure he was developing on track? Well, my obsessive worrying over his speech actually makes me laugh now, because I was so wrong to be so insanely worried #FirstTimeParentWorries. One day a few months ago, it was like his single word use… Read More