A Basic Fitness Plan

I wish I were one of those people who love to exercise. I wish I woke up every morning wanting to go for a run to start my day off right.

But alas, I’d be lying if I said I did. The reality is that I’m just envious of those who love running.

If you look back through my blog you can see that exercise is something I’ve always worked to include in my life. Sometimes I run. I rarely lift weights. Mostly, I cycle. But regardless of what I’m doing, it’s something I have to make a conscious decision to do.

In fact, running a full time consultant firm while raising a 2 year old and trying to be a decent(ish) wife, means fitting exercise into my day is so incredibly hard. It’s just not a priority which means it’s a huge challenge for me to fit 45-90 minutes into my day for a workout and a shower when most days I barely have time to eat lunch or buy groceries. These days just the thought of adding 45-90 minutes into my days for fitness makes my head spin a little bit.

But, I know I need to. Not because I want to be a size 2. In fact, I know I’m never going to be a size 2, and I’m 100% okay with that. But, I do want to be healthy. And the shit storm that has been going on in my life has reminded me that fitness is not only good for shedding extra pounds, but also good for my mental health.

I know me well enough to know that I need to build a routine around fitness. When I get into a routine, whether it be running, or spinning, or even weight training, I can do pretty well at being consistent. But, the problem is every time in my life, something happens and I fall out of the routine. Last time, it was a horrible body shaming spin studio,. Then, I had some horrible major stomach problems that lasted for a few months. Then, the world’s longest winter happened, and really, I should hibernate like a bear, right?

So, rather then making some sort of profound dedication to including fitness in my daily life, or signing up for a class of some sort or signing up for a race in a few months, for now, I have a very basic plan. I’m just going to put aside the excuses and force myself myself to get outside and run. I am not adding criteria to my run (at least not yet). For now, it is truly as simple as get outside and run.

In fact, I am now 2 runs into my get outside and run plan. My 2 runs have both been 3.3 km in 26 minutes. I realize this isn’t the best, but right now I am just focusing on the fact that this is better then nothing.

And so my goal right now is to go for a run every other day for 2 weeks, then hopefully I’ll be back to having a basic routine. And maybe I can will start creating a few goals for myself.

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26 Comments on “A Basic Fitness Plan

  1. Inspiring! I wish I liked exercise too…but I so don’t. But something’s gotta give with all the sitting I do and the not moving…

    I changed my diet which has already had a positive effect on my energy levels. Once my kid’s track practices are over (so early) she and I will bike to school together, and back, everyday. That will help. I do a lot of gardening too, which is like weight-bearing exercises…a shoulder injury has prevented me from doing much this winter, but I’m definitely trying to get beyond the lethargic attitude I’ve had of late.

    Good luck to you!

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  2. I love your goal. And I need to heed this advice!

    Full time working mom of a toddler really doesn’t leave enough time in the day. But I found an app I had seen reviewed for a Johnson & Johnson 7 minute workout, and I have done it a few times, and I really need to change my schedule around to make it flow with my day better.

    I hope the run is helping with everything you have going on! Also, that is a great run and time!!!

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  3. I had a membership to Y, but I found I never had the time and was paying money towards nothing. So.. I quit the Y and started building my own basic gym at home. I have an incline bench, a few dumbells, a step and TRX. I get a trainer to train me once a week, in my basement and then go to tae kwon do classes twice week. If you have never tried martial arts, you should. I used to run, but found that the running really hurt my knees and I didn’t really enjoy running in the heat in summer. My trainer kicks my ass, literally and I can see my muscle mass improving.
    Also, I dont have a choice, I was extremely diabetic in both my pregnancies and am generally insulin resistant. Oh yes, I know I got about 30 pounds to lose and am hitting 40 next year.. And.. as we age, we have to strength train. That is the only thing that will help you prevent osteo or at least push osteo by a few years.

    Its an attitude change actually, I love food, I will never pass my chance to enjoy good food, because hey, its life.. So I have to work out. Ive also realised, that the minute I crossed 35, it was almost like I could no longer enjoy some foods guilt free. my metabolism did slow down..

    I must also state, my husband is extremely understanding about this. He baby sits 2 toddler boys solo for an hour 3 days a week after a gruelling day at work. But then, I make up by doing all the cooking and house work (except laundry) to let him blow off steam too.

    Mrs MPB, you got no choice 🙂 you have to work out.. do whatever you like to do.. but do.. More than anything, you are setting a wonderful example to Little MPB about good health and the importance of exercise. He is going to remember how his mom, no matter how busy always took the time to take care of her health and didnt neglect it.

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    • Proud of what you are doing and glad you are too. Tracking your step count…all day not just when wearing phone…. can provide information on how active you really are and it may be more than you think with a small child. It also can help to have a 20 minute post dinner walk with partner/child. Social while moving.
      Anyone who had any issue or closeness to insulin resistance with pregnancy/pcos/metabolic syndrome should track what happens to their blood sugars 2 hrs post meals. I know it is a nuisance and I am not saying every day, every meal… but enough to know what your body is doing with what you are feeding it. IF you find your blood sugars are sensitive, now is the easiest time you will ever have to start reducing the carbs in your diet. It only becomes harder to drop weight as you age and we all hope you will have 50 or more years to go. (Increasingly there is evidence reducing all the starchy carbs and sugars means you can increase your fats and reduce your hunger while losing or not gaining weight.) No, I am not saying keto or any extreme action … just minor tweeking and awareness of how your body responds.
      Exercise is only a part of fitness and health and with job, husband, child, real life it is hard to manage time. Really impressed by your determination.

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      • Yeah. I hear you completely. I do have a garmin tracker, I make sure I count 10,000 steps a day (most days its a struggle to reach 9000). I have a desk job, so its hard to get steps in during the day.
        I have to get my sugars tested every 6 months (a fasting + A1C1). I also am so attuned with my body that the minute I feel my sugar levels go wonky, I start getting black patches in skin folds. I have stopped most easy carbs solo, I watch what I eat, but yes, I am only human. most days its an effort to watch… I am a vegetarian to add to, so mostly my protein consumption is also starchy proteins.. Thankfully for me, the minute something is out of tune, my body lets me know immediately. 🙂

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  4. I feel you; exercise does not come naturally or easily to me either, and it’s so, so hard to find the time to do it. But it’s still something that I know I need to do.

    Hooray for you for having two runs under your belt already!

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  5. I’m trying too MPB! I got the biopsy back–it was a benign mole! Me and Mr. MLACS and BG are now going to the gym 3x per week (starting this week) after I pick him up from work. Ya gotta start somewhere! XOXO

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  6. I love being active and I have just as hard of a time making myself do things. Routines feel like torture somehow. If 45-90mins a day isn’t realistic to fit into your schedule, then why not 20-30 minutes? If you hate running, then why not bike or yoga instead? I don’t think it should be torture once you are actually in the thick of it and dedicating yourself to a smaller amount of time will help you balance it and find longevity in your routine. As of now, I commit to one yoga class a week, plus the one I teach. I’m working on getting us outdoor on our bikes again. That is something you can do with your little guy.

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  7. Good for you! I do enjoy exercise, more for the mental health piece than anything, but I also like the tired that come worth a good workout. I get up early to fit something in most days.

    Keep at it!

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  8. Something is better than nothing I say! I’ve been taking 30min running on the treemill at night at the temp condo we’re staying at. Check mark in that box!

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  9. Sounds like you’re going about it the right way. Making the goals realistic, creating a routine and then building from there works really well for me too.
    Thanks for posting.

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  10. The best work out plans are the simplest work out plans. Looks like you’ll do great! Between coming back after a spinal fracture, a seizure, and a tight budget, i learned to fall inlove with calisthenics. I plan on publishing more calisthenics and outdoor workout tips later on and if you ever have questions i would be more than happy to post an article covering the topic. Feel free to sub 🙂

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  11. My best advice is to try a bunch of things. That can be very scary for most (including myself) but you need to figure out what fuels your fire. Try Zumba, sign up for a half marathon, join a swim team, drop in for a CrossFit class, download the Nike app and try to get all the achievements! If you dread working out, you won’t stick to a routine and if you force it you will be miserable. Have fun with it!

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  12. I totally know what it’s like to fit in a workout routine. I am a full time mom and currently working on my online certification for personal training. If it wasn’t for my husband I would have never reached my fitness goals. He helps out a lot, even while working a full time job.
    What actually helped me out a lot, when I started out was hiit cardio. I can finish a workout in 20 mins! And it did wonders for my physique and health.

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  13. Life has a habit of getting in the way of plans. Sometimes injury or illness can throw a monkeywrench into those plans. Kudos to you for not giving up.

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  14. I’m with you on the wishing I could love exercise trend! I k ow it’s good for me both physically and mentally, but man, it’s so hard to put fitness on the priority list when it feels like there are not enough hours in the day between working and taking care of the family! We will get there though….baby steps…one workout or run at a time 😊

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  15. Understand, but if you cannot include a 60/90 minutes workout in your lifestyle try at least to include 15/20 minutes of cardio workout at home.


  16. This post is from back in May, wondering if you stuck with your get outside and run plan? This post may have just been what I needed to stick with my workout plan. The last few days I have had no motivation to workout at all. I completed a 8 week Beachbody program and feel amazing but want to continue but am lacking huge motivation. Not sure if it’s the weather or my poor quality of sleep the last week. Thanks for this post and reminding me to just get out and get some exercise.


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