The Most Excruciating Pain of My Life

Things went rather poorly for me over the weekend, and I’m just starting to put myself back together.  (But, the good news is that I’m starting to put myself back together, so that’s what I’m holding onto for the moment).

You see, I spent most of the weekend in the Emergency at our local hospital.  Something went drastically wrong with my stomach, and I eventually realized whatever was happening was beyond the realm of I’ll sleep it off and feel better in the morning.

After eating a late lunch on Saturday (around 2pm), I ended up with sever stomach pain, unlike anything I have ever experienced before.  As someone who has had gastritis/ulcers in the past, and has been struggling with one for over a month now, I’m used to a certain type of pain that comes along with an attack.  And, this pain just wasn’t that.  It was literally the worse pain I have ever endured in my life.  Then, the diarrhea started, and approximately every 10 minutes for nearly 12 hours I was on the toilet.  Again, not normal.  But, it wasn’t until I started vomiting every 30 minutes for a few hours that I decided it was time to go to the hospital.  By this time it was about 11pm on Saturday evening.  (In hindsight, I probably should have gone in sooner).

Of course, it’s just Mr. MPB, a sleeping Little MPB and I at home.  I refused to wake up a sleeping baby so that Mr. MPB could drive me to the hospital.  At this point I was so sick that we actually debated an ambulance, but ultimately I took a taxi.

The pain would not relent.

I was seen by a nurse almost immediately who began the process of starting all the testing that was needed – gallbladder, pancreases, etc.  When I saw the doctor he was pretty awesome.  Eventually I was given some IV narcotic (that’s name I don’t remember) but I do recall being told it was stronger then morphine.  And something for the nausea.  The nausea drugs worked, but the pain killer did not last longer then 30 minutes.  Eventually, with the help of some other drugs the pain became tolerable.  On the hospitals pain level chart of 10-1, the pain dropped from the 9/10, to a 7, to 5 and eventually about a 2 at about 4am.

At this point the awesome doctor got a bunch of tests lined up for me on Sunday, most importantly being an ultrasound.  Of course, every single test came back fine.  Which is great because there is no gallbladder issues or pancreases issues, I’m not pregnant, etc. This likely means I am still sitting with the original suspected diagnosis of gastritis and/or an ulcer.

And the only way for that to be confirmed is by a gastrointestinal specialist.  Unfortunately the awesome doctor couldn’t arrange that appointment until after the ultrasound which was after his shift was done.  Awesome doctor requested the dayshift doctor do this, and I know he made this request because he gave me a print out of the information he was forwarding to the dayshift doctor.  Unfortunately the dayshift doctor was a giant jerk who’s priority was to free up my hospital bed for someone he deemed more urgent now that my pain was under control thanks to the aforementioned narcotic.  In the end, day shift doctor sent home with 4 Percocet pills to further manage pain and told to keep taking my prevacid.  I was also told to check in with my family doctor.

So that’s where I’m currently at.  Thankfully the attack has subsided, so I’m not taking Percocet at the moment.  But, I’m also petrified to try eating anything again, because I have no desire to ever experience that level of pain again in my life.  I’m also not willing to live off Percocet because that’s not really living.

So, basically I ruined father’s day.  And I’m now in some sort of starvation mode until I can get into my family doctor and put together a real care plan.

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28 Comments on “The Most Excruciating Pain of My Life

  1. I hate the medical system in Canada. I truly do! Whats the point of social healthcare if you need to be dying and in pain of some crazy level to get treated! I am honestly worried for you now, please please stay on top of getting a check up by the gastro specialist. Pain killer are no solution to anything!
    You have a small child, God forbid you have another attack like this when Mr MPB is not home!! Take care hon..

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  2. Wow – it does sound like an awful event and the timing sucks, but glad to hear that you are feeling better today (hopefully that continues) and that your Dr. puts together a care plan quickly so it never happens again.

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  3. OH No!! I am so sorry your weekend was so miserable (You did not ruin Father’s Day. You did not make this happen!)

    What an ass of a doctor! You can tell who really cares about people and who cares about $$$. I hope you get answers and some permanent relief soon.

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  4. I’m so so sorry that you’re having to go through this. I hope you are able to get into the gastro specialist soon and get the answers you need.


  5. So terrible!! I’m thinking of you as you work toward recovery and figuring out next steps. Feel better!!


  6. Booo to all this! You didn’t ruin Father’s Day though, as this certainly wasn’t your fault. But if I were you I’d probably feel the same way. Praying you can eat yummy food again soon and figure out what’s really going on!

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  7. Take it easy, hope you get some answers soon and start to feel better quick. So sorry this sounds awful, sending you wishes to get better soon ☺️


  8. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. Also sorry that you had a crap Dr the second day. I’m glad you’re at least feeling better, and I really hope they figure out what happened!


    • Of course you have an appreciation of all of this!! I was thinking of you while I was in the er, I truly have no idea how you cope with ongoing digestive tract issues!!
      And unfortunately the Canadian system is not going to let me get to a GI anytime soon….


      • We can pay privately for some doctors and services (I.e. cosmetic surgery, MRI), but I have not been able to figure out how to pay privately for a GI appointment. Unfortunately.


  9. That is so shot you never got the scan! What is it with some people? That is so wrong they didn’t see that through. I would have refused to leave without it!!!! Well I would like to think I would have but who knows in reality. I hope this gets sorted for you soon and you don’t have that awful experience again!


  10. Gosh that sounds awful. I’m so sorry you had to go through that. It sucks that they couldn’t find a solution while you were at the ER. Good like with the specialist. Thinking of you.


  11. This is terrible. I’m so sorry you’re still dealing with this and will be for the foreseeable future.


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