My Perfect Breakdown


Today, my thoughts are pretty random: I was planning to post this morning after I receive more test results, but I have no idea what time today I’ll get them.  So, I’ve given up waiting. Mr. MPB and I have decided whatever is happening with my body right now is not related to the gastritis/ulcer.  First, sever diarrhea isn’t normal for an ulcer.  Second, the ulcer was getting better.  In fact, I… Read More

I tried chicken, that did not work at all.  I ended up with sever diarrhea all night long.  I have not had the courage to try much else. So, I’m basically living off water, some Gatorade, and about 4-5 pieces of bread a day and a small bowl of rice at night, if I’ve have a good day. With just eating bread, I’m generally I am still experiencing diarrhea every few hours. … Read More