My Perfect Breakdown


I can confirm that all my tests have come back negative.  Which basically means all kinds of scary sounding things like E.coli, salmonella, c. difficile, campylobacter, etc. have officially been ruled out.  Which is a good thing, but also completely horrible because I’m desperate for an answer.  I feel like throwing a Little MPB sized temper tantrum!! Tomorrow is my last remaining test – the H. Pylori test.  After this test, the… Read More

Today, my thoughts are pretty random: I was planning to post this morning after I receive more test results, but I have no idea what time today I’ll get them.  So, I’ve given up waiting. Mr. MPB and I have decided whatever is happening with my body right now is not related to the gastritis/ulcer.  First, sever diarrhea isn’t normal for an ulcer.  Second, the ulcer was getting better.  In fact, I… Read More