Stepping Away to Recharge

Last night I decided I need a break.  So, today I’m here to say that I’m intending to take about a week or two off from blogging.  In fact, after the crazy last 4-6 weeks, I’ve decided to take a break from most things (the bonus of being self-employed consultant is that when times are slow I don’t have to show up to work just to sit at my desk).

I don’t have a set return date, but I’m thinking maybe in 2 weeks?  Sometime in early June.

Please do not worry, even in spite of my ulcer and a complete lack of real nutritious food, I really am doing okay.

I just need a bit of down time, away from my computer and maybe even away from my phone.  Basically, I’m just stepping away from technology to recharge.

I plan to be back sometime really soon, hopefully with fun stories of happy moments with my favourite MPB’s.

So until then, I wish everyone well.  And, I hope your days are filled with love, happiness and beautiful flowers too.

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20 Comments on “Stepping Away to Recharge

  1. I have slowed down my blogging pace also due to life pulling me in other directions. Here’s to recharging and coming back refreshed.


  2. Really commendable. Perhaps I’ll follow your lead at some point soon… If I can tear myself away. Enjoy your time and I look forward to hearing about all the fun you get up to with baby MPB!


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