I Did It!

I did it.  The project has been submitted!!

I’m done…for now.  You see, the crazy project has a second stage that will come up in the next few months.  But the second stage will be much more normal. As in it will just fit in with my day-to-day work and not take a bazillion hours to complete.  (Anyways, I digress).

So yesterday I celebrated in my own little way.  I sent a total of 2 work related emails and then I took the remainder of the day off from my computer.  Instead I:

  • Mowed the lawn (we are no longer that house on the street).
  • Went shopping and finally used up a $250 gift card from Christmas.  I purchased absolutely nothing for Little MPB or Mr. MPB, which is rather rare.  Instead, I spent every single penny on me.
  • Got a pedicure.
  • Went for an early evening walk in the park with Mr. MPB, Little MPB and Dog MPB.

Truthfully, it was delightful.  It was exactly what I needed.

The only unfortunate thing that happened yesterday is that I finally admitted to myself that I have an ulcer again.  This will be the fourth one in my life, 2 of my 3 previous ones have seen me lose significant weight in a short period of time due to the intense pain associated with eating most food.  I’ve been struggling for about a week, but yesterday the specific ulcer pain was undeniable.  So, now I’m just desperately hoping I caught it early enough to avoid a 4-6 week illness/recovery.  But, truthfully, I’m pretty sure I didn’t.  I’m at the point where eating anything except bread is causing significant pain (bread still doesn’t feel good, but it’s a whole heck of a lot better then anything else).  Which means I am now living off water, bread, gaviscon and expired prescription medicine (I figure it’s better then nothing at the moment).

So, today I’m back to work and off to the doctor to get a new prescription.

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20 Comments on “I Did It!

    • Hahaha! I think our retired neighbours who’s yard is always perfect hate us when we have a bad few weeks and become that house! And yes, boo for the ulcer. Im really rather unhappy about it.


  1. Yay for finishing the project and spending a day doing things you enjoy. Yuck to the ulcer. I”m sorry you’re not feeling great, friend…definitely not the way you want to lose weight! Praying that you heal quickly. xoxo

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    • It’s funny, as long as I don’t eat I feel fine (hence the past weight-loss, in the past I’ve simply stopped eating solid food when the pain becomes unbearable). But this clearly is not a viable long-term solution and not practical anymore given that I need to be functioning to take care of Little MPB! I’m still just hoping that it’s not that bad and I’ll start feeling better asap! As always, thanks for your love.

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  2. Yay! i am quite sad that you stressed yourself to the point you gave yourself an ulcer!

    take care, heal well and soon.. stomach ulcers are not good for the stomach lining in the long term, have you had a gastric endoscopy done?

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    • You know what’s most interesting to me – I didn’t/don’t feel that stressed. I worked long hours, but I didn’t feel stressed about the work. The project itself is something I know how to do rather well, it was just the timeframe that was abnormal. So, I’m slightly confused by the fact that I have an ulcer right now.
      I have had a gastric endoscopy done. It was after my 2nd ulcer (ulcers 1 and 2 were by far the worst ones), so probably about 8 years ago now. At that time there wasn’t significant damage done. So hopefully that’s still the case. I’ll ask my doctor this afternoon about having another one, maybe it’s time?


    • Thanks!! I too am glad I’m done and I enjoyed my shopping spree especially because it was a gift card so I didn’t feel guilty about it! And ya, the ulcer sucks but it will heal eventually. 😊

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  3. I’m really happy that you got your project done and then took a day off for yourself!! Not happy to hear that you aren’t feeling well though. I hope you have an easier time with work going forward, and that your ulcer clears up quicker than in the past. Hope you’re able to have a nice, relaxing weekend ahead!!

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  4. Sorry about your ulcer! I actually find that eating bread (or anything made with white flour, really) gives me worse heartburn than almost anything else except tomato sauce.

    Congratulations on completing stage one of your project! Your day sounds very relaxing.

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    • I’ve been eating a whole grain bread, i have no idea why it’s feeling better then anything else I’ve tried. It seems odd to me that it isn’t bothering me as much, but I’m not complaining bread is better then nothing!
      And thanks! I’m thrilled to have it done! ☺


    • Do you have any tips on what foods are the worst and which are the best for you? I’m desperate to eat something more then bread but everything I try doesn’t end well. I’d love any tips you might have!


      • I find that I can tolerate any kind of meat, vegetables or fruit (except pineapple) but have to avoid anything high in carbohydrates: both sugar and flour are awful for me. Really strong coffee can give me heartburn too, but I find that I do better with cold brew with minimal sweeteners (like stevia or honey).

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      • Interesting!! This is basically the opposit of me. Which lead me to obsessively reading last night and evidently the food triggers are different for heartburn and ulcers.

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  5. Congrats on finishing that project and hope you feel better soon – too bad you can’t enjoy a nice meal as a celebration for being done.

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  6. Like the idea of celebrating project end and spending money on yourself. Dislike the ulcer! And neutral about lawn mowing. (I’m the opposite of green fingered!) I hope you get well soon! X

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  7. Oh no so bitter sweet!! Congratulations on finishing your project AND treating yourself too…you deserve it!!! I’m sorry you have an ulcer that really sucks, hope it goes quick.

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