My First Daycare Drop Off

Little MPB’s first official full day at daycare was March 6.  Since then, every single day, Mr. MPB has dropped Little MPB off.

Well, today that changed.

Friday was my very first time dropping Little MPB off at daycare by myself.

I fully acknowledge that it’s taken me over 2 months before I was willing/ready/required to drop him off myself.  Mom fail?  Maybe, but I’m totally okay with this mom fail.  The thought of leaving my crying child just breaks my heart.  I knew I couldn’t do it, and thankfully Mr. MPB was able to.

But I do need to admit that there was a condition with my first daycare drop-off: if Little MPB cries, I’m never doing it again as per the above mentioned crying child problem.

I’m told, by Mr. MPB, that there hasn’t been drop-off tears since the first week and Little MPB became more accustomed to his new routine.  But I just haven’t been willing to do it myself, because what-if he responds differently when I drop him off?

Thankfully, there were no tears this morning. I gave him a hug, set him down and he promptly walked towards his friends.  He looked back at me with sad little eyes, but before he could get upset one of the teachers started playing with him.  I said bye-bye and headed out the door.

I’d say it went rather well.  He didn’t cry.  And, I didn’t even cry when I got back to my car to drive away.

But, honestly, I have no plans to make this drop-off a regular occurrence.  Mr. MPB often drives past the daycare in the morning, so it makes sense for him to do the drop-offs.  But, at least now I know I can handle it when I have to.

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12 Comments on “My First Daycare Drop Off

  1. Good for you – just to warn you there might be tears another time. M was fine with daycare but has recently started crying with drop off.


  2. Awww, good job mommy! Having grown up in a lisenced home daycare, I can assure you that kids have bad days just like we do–tired, cranky, don’t feel like getting out of bed. So there’s crying. We would cry too but we have other coping mechanisms. But once he gets to daycare and settles in (probably 2 minutes or less) he will settle into his routine and all will be right with his world ❤ XOXO


  3. Good job momma!! Glad he didn’t cry! Hopefully any time you have to drop him off it goes that smoothly.


  4. Yehh! Good job mummy!!! You did it! It’s HARD!!!! For both of you!! I’ve been doing it for a few weeks now and it still gets me!


  5. Good for you! I made Brian do it. I couldn’t. I cried every time (Matthew was fine with it!!).

    You’re brave!!


  6. Its bittersweet when they stop crying. You’re happy for their independence but sad that your baby is growing up.


  7. Glad it went smoothly for you. It is the worst when they cry. Breaks my heart. Monkey always separated well but BeeGee cries every time. Ugh


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