Daycare Transition Update

We are now almost 2 solid weeks into daycare, and I’m happy to report that after a very rocky start it’s finally going a bit better!

The first week was so bad I was very tempted to remove him and just find another nanny.  He cried all day, every day for 4 solid days.  By the 4th night he’s been so upset during the day that he basically had no voice left.  It was excruciating for me knowing he was this upset. In fact, it was so bad that I refused to drop him off at daycare because I couldn’t bare to see my little boy that upset.  My inability to be around last week to help with drop-offs and to pick him up early was probably the only two benefits of me working so much!

But we are now at the end of week 2 and it’s been significantly better.  Not perfect, but better.  Mr. MPB is still doing the drop-offs and tells me he still cries at drop off, but not nearly like before.  Evidently it’s more like a whimper.  During the day he now plays with other kids, rather then being held all day long by one of the teachers.  His naps are improving.  He’s smiling in the pictures they send us throughout the day.  He doesn’t need his soother all day long to help comfort him.

These are all signs of improvement in our minds.

I recall everyone telling me that it would improve as Little MPB adapted to his new daily routine.  And, it appears that everyone is right.

But, I’ll admit, knowing it is a process doesn’t make it any easier to know he’s so upset!

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24 Comments on “Daycare Transition Update

  1. I hope things continue to improve!! I’m not sure if you follow “The Barren Librarian”, but she went through this with her daughter as well. She considered pulling her too, but she stuck it out and now her little absolutely LOVES going to day care! It took a few weeks though I think. So hang in there, looks like things are improving, and hopefully one day soon he will love it as well!

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  2. Ugh. This is such a huge fear of mine. Charlotte will start “school” in the fall and she has never cared for by anyone but us, our parents, and our nanny. The transition terrifies me. I’m already losing sleep and it’s 5 months away! I’m so glad he’s getting the hang of the routine. You must have been going crazy. ❀


  3. good job, little MPB. Well done.
    A still cries at drop off…But as soon as the door is shut, he stops crying. So, I guess, its just a sign of protest..
    G cries when we drop him off at Montessori and he is 3! Lol…

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    • The crying just breaks my heart. Honestly, I have not dropped of Little MPB once because it’s just too hard for me!! How do you handle G’s crying still? I’m going to need some advice because Mr. MPB cannot do all the drop offs for the rest of time.


      • Well, you keep smiling and say Bye when you drop off. Gives them reassurance that mom is happy and I am going to a safe place. And I always say, I love you and I will pick you up soon when I drop off.
        then I close the door and wait outside for the crying to settle down.
        Usually the teachers also know how to distract them, so for A its the fish tank in the room and for G its the Thomas train.

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  4. Ugh daycare sounds like such a tough transition… I know that my parents gave up trying to get me to go into daycare because I cried a lot, but I grew up pretty antisocial and shy. Kind of a chicken or egg situation I guess, but I think daycare is so important for socialization. When we get to the stage you’re at, though, I’ll probably be singing a different tune. Good for you for finding it in yourself to hold out!

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    • Socialization is the main reason we decided we had to get him into daycare. If it were my call, based purely in my emotions, he’d still be at home with a nanny and me around most days. But, I know that’s not what’s best for him and we felt like he was old enough.
      If you decide to start daycare feel free to message me anytime, I truly feel like this has been one of my hardest transitions since becoming a mom.

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  5. Oh I remember those days of daycare drop-offs where my youngest would just cling to my leg and cry. That is all that was on my mind the whole work day. I felt like I was destroying him by making him through all that, but he survived and is now almost 19 years old and completely secure and well-adjusted. It is I that thinks of those days so long ago, and it still tugs at my heart. Good luck, it will get better and your little one will forget about it and press on.

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    • I love hearing that your son is now 19 and completely secure and well-adjusted! It may sound silly, but it’s nice to have re-assurance that 4 straight days of crying and daily drop-off tears wont traumatize Little MPB for life! πŸ™‚


  6. Oh my gosh! How awful. At least our little one is going as a baby so he’ll hopefully be used to it! Hope your little one is happier soon!

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    • Thank you Nara! I also hope he continues to get happier at drop off. πŸ™‚
      Do you know when your sweet little one will start some sort of daycare? I truly think the transition is harder on us parents then it is on them.


  7. The tears are heartbreaking! There were two little boys that joined my son’s class that seemed to cry all day too, the one that is still going has adjusted really well now. He is social with the kids and doesn’t need his transitional object anymore. My son cried for the first few weeks during drop off and that was hard enough, I don’t know if my heart could have taken knowing he was crying all day. So glad week two is going better- that’s a pretty quick adjustment and a good sign that he’s going to do great! I will say now my son loves going and talks about all the kids and what he did at school. It’s worth it. It sounds like you picked a good place, that makes all the difference!


  8. Wow what a rough transition. The crying does not make it easy! I’m glad he’s doing a little better and I hope that continues to improve (it likely will).

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  9. Awww little MPB is doing great. I’m sure he’s on the path to fun and happiness at daycare. It can’t be easy on you to stick this pain out!!! But you’ve got this! I hope it’s not much longer for you before he’s more interested in playing than saying goodbye to you guys when he’s dropped off πŸ™ƒ

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