The 16th Tooth

This weekend, Little MPB’s 16th tooth made it’s existence known and has officially started it’s arrival.

The Adult MPB’s are scared.

His last lower canine (tooth 15) took weeks, and it was the worst teething experience we’ve had so far.  And if the Adult MPB’s are miserable, I don’t even want to imagine how hard this must be on Little MPB!

So, we are now dreading the next week (or two).  We are expecting:

  • Very little sleep in the MPB house.
  • A clingy and grouchy Little MPB. (Is it horrible for me to admit that I’m kind of excited for the snuggling that comes along with the clinging?)
  • A tough time at daycare for grouchy Little MPB.
  • Copious amounts of drool everywhere.
  • A food battle where Little MPB wont want to eat almost anything because of the pain.
  • Diaper rash and a stuffy nose, because both always come with a new tooth.  Who knew diaper rash was correlated with new teeth?

All I know right now is that I desperately hope Little MPB will once again take baby Advil and/or baby Tylenol via a sugar dipped syringe. I don’t know that we’ll get any sleep if we cannot get some sort of baby pain killer into him.

Wish us luck!

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23 Comments on “The 16th Tooth

  1. Actually, it is correlated. (Diaper rash and teeth). The excessive saliva that kids swallow irritates the stomach and causes a rash.

    But hey, 16 teeth! now the kid will get teeth only at 3! You are free from teething hell..
    A still has only 4 teeth, a long road for me.. Maybe I should invest in Coffee..

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    • I hope we are close to being done with teething hell. Id love at least a few month break before any more come!
      Yes, invest in coffee!! It’s a basic necessity on bad days!


    • Yes, even our dentist is shocked at how quickly his teeth have come in! The dentist told me the earliest hes heard of the 2 year molars arriving is 18 months. So I’m hoping we get a few month break before they come!
      Teething is the worst!!!

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  2. I hope this sucker makes its appearance quickly for the sake of everyone involved. Charlotte is working on #17 right now. It. Never. Ends.

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  3. Oh girl! I do hope this tooth comes through quickly. I have to admit reading this made me feel like I’m not alone. Luke is getting a top and bottom molar now along with a canine. It’s been hell for a week. Sleep is virtually non existent some days and now he had a cold (probably due to teething). Yesterday he took a 35 minute nap and woke up screaming….and refused to sleep any more throughout the day. Here’s to hoping the next week or two goes smoothly.


    • Oh no!!! That’s how quickly Little MPB got his molars and one canine – it was pure misery for everyone in our house! I so hope those teeth break through quickly and you all get back to sleeping soon!!
      And, you are never alone! Anytime, you know how to reach me. 🙂

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  4. Wow! One of my twin boys didn’t even get his FIRST tooth until he was 14.5 months! So Little MPB is way ahead of him. (Fortunately my sons never seemed too bothered by teething, except that one of them would chew anything he could get his hands on until after age 2.5.)

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    • Little MPB chews EVERYTHING! I’ve been wondering what age that stops, and I’m really hoping it’s not 2.5!! 😊
      And yes, he’s teething super young and super quickly. Our dentist is even shocked!

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  5. Oh no!! Will this be his last one for a while? I thought I remember you saying that in a previous post. I hope it isn’t too terrible for all involved!!!
    Why does cutting a tooth bring on diaper rash and stuffiness? Well, the stuffiness I understand. Just curious, because C seems to be teething more and more every day. She’s at a point where she chews hard on teethers then gets upset because it hurts. She also for the very first time started sprouting a little bit of diaper rash this weekend. I’ve been on top of it and it’s almost gone, but it surprised me. Really hoping she’ll cut these teeth soon so she’s more comfortable!!

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  6. 16 teeth already! That’s a lot at his age. At this point, I’m hoping the other 4 come early so you can just be done with this. I cannot imagine.

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    • I’m still amazed at how quickly his teeth have come in! Heck, even our dentist is shocked! The dentist told me the earliest he’s ever seen the last 4 come in is at 18 months. So we should have a bit of a break, I hope!

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  7. This might sound mean but if you blow on their face (mainly mouth and nose) after inserting the medicine in their mouth it forces them to swallow. This little trick helped me when my guy would refuse to swallow medicine he needed. Good luck!

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