My Perfect Breakdown


This weekend, Little MPB’s 16th tooth made it’s existence known and has officially started it’s arrival. The Adult MPB’s are scared. His last lower canine (tooth 15) took weeks, and it was the worst teething experience we’ve had so far.  And if the Adult MPB’s are miserable, I don’t even want to imagine how hard this must be on Little MPB! So, we are now dreading the next week (or two).  We are expecting:… Read More

We’ve now had our worst night ever with our son.  Or so I’m told….I slept through most of it. You see, we are now alternating nights/mornings with Baby MPB.  This allows one of us to get some sound sleep while the other one does the middle of the night wake-ups, if there are any.  And this is working much better then the system we were using about a month ago when I… Read More