The Worst Night Ever

We’ve now had our worst night ever with our son.  Or so I’m told….I slept through most of it.

You see, we are now alternating nights/mornings with Baby MPB.  This allows one of us to get some sound sleep while the other one does the middle of the night wake-ups, if there are any.  And this is working much better then the system we were using about a month ago when I was up every single day for all the night-time wake ups and morning shifts.  (I had become a walking zombie and it got so bad that I was actually excited for my surgery and hospital stay so that I could sleep. And ill admit a really horrible part of my is almost glad Mr. MPB had to suffer through a sleepless night).

In addition to our new system, we have also fallen into a really good groove with Baby MPB (and please don’t shoot me for saying this) – Baby MPB sleeps from 7pm until about 5am.  We wake him up to feed between 10pm and 11pm and he goes right back to sleep until 5am.  On really good mornings he sleeps until about 6:30am.  On not so good mornings he starts to stir around 4:30am.  So, I know we are fortunate in the world of baby sleep – really fortunate in fact.

Well, back to the other night, it was Mr. MPB’s night and evidently the normal extended nighttime sleep didn’t happen.  Evidently Baby MPB was up every 30-60 minutes.  It was the night of his vaccinations which seems to have thrown him off.

Anyways, clearly Mr. MPB didn’t get much sleep and had a rough night.

But, for the record, I’ll point out that I also woke up multiple times through the night too – it’s hard to sleep through the cries of an upset baby.  I tried to offer some suggestions (which were not welcomed at all so I stopped) and at one point I got up to sooth Baby MPB as Mr. MPB was fast asleep from being up so much all night long.  But, I also knew that the next day I was on the road with work which required me to run a public meeting and drive 6 hours. And I’m always very nervous of driving that many hours in a day without sufficient sleep, so I didn’t offer to stay up and take over for the rest of the night.  And nor did Mr. MPB ask me to.

I guess, my entire point here is that I tried to help for better or worse.  And it appears that my help was not welcomed or appreciated.  So now our house consists of an exhausted Mr. MPB and a tired Mrs. MPB, and a happy Baby MPB (who should be tired).

And to make matters worse, because I am heading out on the road for work all day I’m very nervous about how I’ll manage without a good night’s sleep. And at the same time I’m worried about how an exhausted Mr. MPB will manage the evening without my help or the nanny’s help.

I really am starting to think that sleep deprivation is the hardest part of being a new parent.  Honestly, I had no idea people could actually function off so little sleep.  And I have the upmost respect for parents who are functioning off this little sleep all the time, you truly are amazing!

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20 Comments on “The Worst Night Ever

  1. Amora had a rough night last night too, no reason really. I hate complaining because she’s also a great sleeper, but she was up from 1:30 to about 3:30, for who knows why, just singing and talking to her Wub in bed. She wasn’t even fussing and it was driving me nuts! Either sleep or need something, kid. Momma needs her zzz’s lol!

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  2. Sorry everyone had such a rough night. I don’t sleep through the night very often, and certainly not since we got Bowie, so I’m hoping I’ll be at least a little bit used to the sleepless nights of motherhood. That’s what I keep telling myself, anyway! 😉 Hope your trip and presentation both go well!

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  3. Totally agree- the sleep deprivation is by far the worst part! I feel like I’m not being the best mom I can be because I’m so horribly tired all the time!

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  4. I haven’t experienced it yet, but this is what I am most dreading – the sleeplessness without chance to catch up! Thinking of you! Good luck with driving and your meeting!

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  5. That’s bad! Hope everyone’s day improves. Actually I was speaking with the midwife (!) at my private clinic (where I go for intralipids) and was saying to her I’m used to broken sleep! I have a dog who sleeps in the bed and last night he kept getting up and wanting to go downstairs for a drink of water… Etc! Seriously I think a crying baby would be roughly the same amount of interruption! 😂

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  6. Yikes, that sounds awful for Mr. MPB, and for Baby MPB, and for you! Every 30-60 minutes is just impossible — it’s like you’re not sleeping at all. I’d sure love Baby MPB’s normal schedule, though. 🙂 S is still up every 3 hours on his good nights — he goes down around 8-8:30, up around 11:30, up again around 2:30, and then again around 5:30. If we’re lucky he goes back to sleep until 6:30-7, but we haven’t been lucky the last few days. Oh, well… the thing I’m finding about baby sleep is that it’s like the weather in New England: if you don’t like it, wait a while and it will change! (This 3-hour thing sure seems like a habit, though…)

    And I totally hear you on the driving… I often wonder if I should stop driving, but unfortunately that’s not really realistic! I rear-ended someone (at extremely low speed, with no damage) for the first time ever when S was about 2.5 months old. Driving for 6 hours a day on infant levels of sleep sounds scary — please stay safe!!!

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  7. I’m sorry about the bad night. I agree that sleep deprivation is the hardest part of parenting, at least during the baby/toddler stage. I did all the night wakings for a long time, as I was breastfeeding, and then after that it was just habit. I broke down many times from exhaustion. I also drive 6+ hours a couple times a week for my job, which is hard on very little sleep. Solidarity! Hope baby gets back to his regular sleep schedule.

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  8. Vaccine nights can be bad. Warm baths can help with the pain. You have a few months until it has to happen again!

    And I always felt I was tired before I had a kid but my prior self was such a wuss. I definitely wasn’t tired when I thought I was. My prior self had no clue.

    Hope you all have a better night tonight.

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  9. Sleep deprivation is totally the worst. We actually got a few hours last night and it was heavenly. Pretty sure before that it was 6 hours of the last 72. It can be just brutal.

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  10. Sleep deprivation is definitely the worst. I tend to do all the night feedings with my wife changing the diapers. Last night was our worst so far. Baby was waking up every hour as well. No idea why. It’s rough. I’ve already informed my wife, when she gets home from work this evening, she’s taking over and I’m going to bed!

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  11. I am sooooo behind. Sorry you had a horrible night. And hope you have been healing well from your surgery(see…SO behind!!!) Just catching up and been thinking of you! Hope all else is well…and get some sleep(whenever that can happen!!) xoxo

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  12. I agree – the new parent sleep deprivation is real!! My husband was training out of state for 3 weeks and I had to do all of the middle of the night feeds. By the end I was a disaster! I like your system of alternating. We do something similar and it makes all of us a little happier!

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  13. I hear you on the sleep deprivation. The other night, MacKenzie woke up at 3:30 which wasn’t long before I had to get up and get ready for work. Some of the recent nights have been rough.

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  14. Sleep deprivation is real. Its so exhausting and throw in a few days together and your “best” side comes out. With my first I struggled because I was too scared to lie down and feed in the fear that I will harm the baby. But now, since week 4, night time feeds havr been done with me and baby co-sleeping. We get much better sleep this way. Both my kids are not the sleep through the night types, G started at 1’yr plus, so I dont have great hopes from A.
    Please knock on all wood, dont jinx yourself. And drive safe!

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  15. Sleep deprivation is THE hardest part. It affects your judgement, your mood, your ability to concentrate and think straight, everything. So tough. I hope you have a better night tonight xxx

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  16. You are right about the “hardest part” thing. When we were contemplating adoption #3, sleep deprivation turned out to be the major reason for deciding against it.

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