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Brace yourself, this post is allover the place!


My birthday was good in that we spent the evening together as a family – which is all I truly wanted.  But, Mr. MPB forgot to get cake, so I’ve decided I get cake on the weekend.  Because what’s a birthday without cake?!  But somehow my birthday and Little MPB becoming a toddler almost overnight has me thinking about how precious these moments are because soon daycare, school, girls (or boys), sporting teams, etc. will limit our family time.  These moments really are precious, eh?  I feel my desire for a second child ramping up, only to be reminded of our reality.

As an aside, since no-one knew the answer about kids and sushi I thought I’d share what we’ve been able to find.  We asked our family doctor and a friend who is an ER doctor.  Both did research and came back with the same answers – there are no rules or even suggestions.  But they do recognize that in different cultures other then ours, kids are probably eating sushi at a young age.  But given where we live and the lack of truly fresh fish, neither of them would feed their own children raw fish at this age.


This week is kicking me in the butt.  I’m seriously desperate for Saturday/Sunday.  The lack of sleep that comes along with teething is always a challenge for me.  But to complicate things, Mr. MPB is sick (but I’m healthy, yay) and I’ve been away with work way too much these last few weeks, and the next few weeks do not look any better.

Even though we’ve managed not to book up our weekends in the last few months, we were away last weekend and the teething situation has just worn us down.  I think we are all feeling a little exhausted.  Even the dog is tired.  But I do not see downtime anytime soon in our future as March is going to be busy for us – new daycare routine, my work, Mr. MPB’s work, I’m in a course 2 weekends this month, etc.  We’ll survive, I’m sure, but it’s just going to be busier then we’d like.


But, in good news, Little MPB’s horrible @!*& tooth finally came through!!  Now, we just have 1 tooth left that will probably arrive soonish and then the 2 year molars.  How does this kid already have 15 teeth?!  He only had 8 at the start of 2017!!!  Now that the $*@& tooth is through, we just need to get him back onto a normal sleep routine, which hopefully will only take a night or two.

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10 Comments on “This Week

  1. 15 teeth! OMG! that is a lot for any child.. A is a few months older than little MPB and he has only 4 teeth.. each tooth takes forever to come out , and I am honestly scared about what is to come next…

    We are poor cake eaters, always manage to waste more than half the cake! , so this year for the kiddo’s birthdays I actually made cake in a cup 🙂 yum… and just enough serving size.. Its our standard staple cake now.. haha

    Enjoy your busy week, and breaatheeee 🙂
    Hope Mr MPB feels better soon…

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    • I hope we all get much better sleep tonight! I’m tempted to find somewhere to take Baby MPB this evening where he can play and burn lots of energy and hopefully sleep better! 😊


  2. I’m sorry your husband is sick and that you’re feeling so tired. At least is already Thursday and, hopefully, you can rest on the weekend.

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  3. I’m glad you had a good birthday!! And yes, you HAVE to have cake! Sorry things have been so busy for you guys again, and that they will continue to be for a while. I thought you said you were going to start slowing down some?!?! You guys need a vacation from life!! That’s nuts that little has so many teeth already!! At least you’re mostly through it though, that’s good!! C is still teething like mad, but nothing has cut through as of yet. Hope Mr is feeling better soon!!

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