If I Make It Through Today

If I make it through today, I will make it through my crazy insane project!

If I make it through today, I’m going to pick up Little MPB from daycare early tomorrow and have a great play together!

If I make it through today, I’m going to sleep soundly tonight!

If I make it through today, I may even help make dinner later this week for the first time in a month (without the help of the pizza delivery guy or the crockpot)!


Yes, that’s right, today is my final day of work on my insane project.  And then, my next few weeks will be filled with playing catch up on my other ongoing projects.  I’ll still be busy, but it will be much more manageable for everyone in the MPB household.  Mr. MPB can enjoy a bit more downtime and I can rejoin the ranks of active parenting.


And so, until the end of today I am going to focus on being The Little Engine That Could and focus on repeating, I think I can, I think I can.

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8 Comments on “If I Make It Through Today

  1. Not IF, but WHEN!
    You WILL make it through today!

    You WILL have an amazing play day with Little MPB tomorrow!

    Good luck and congrats on finishing this project!!


  2. Good luck!! You’ll do great…you made it this far, you’ve finally reached the light at the end! Hope you get a great night’s sleep tonight!


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