My Perfect Breakdown


We are at the start of a new week.  A week where we intend to: Break Little MPB’s Paw Patrol/Super Wing addiction.  He watched WAY too much TV while sick with pneumonia, and we started the process of giving it up over the weekend.  It has not gone all that well, but we aren’t a TV house so the poor kid is just going to have to re-adjust. Clean up our house. … Read More

The MPB household is gearing up for a very challenging month and half.  We’ve known about the impending chaos for a few months now, and I think both Mr. MPB and I just kept trying to ignore that it was coming.  But, now that it’s upon us (as in, it started last week) I can feel the stress in our house already ratcheting up a notch or two. You see, Mr. MPB… Read More