A New Week

We are at the start of a new week.  A week where we intend to:

  1. Break Little MPB’s Paw Patrol/Super Wing addiction.  He watched WAY too much TV while sick with pneumonia, and we started the process of giving it up over the weekend.  It has not gone all that well, but we aren’t a TV house so the poor kid is just going to have to re-adjust.
  2. Clean up our house.  Oh my gosh, our house is a disaster after last week.  I don’t even know where to start on tackling it all!
  3. Go back to our regularly scheduled daycare and work lives.  Little MPB has recently been going through rough daycare drop-offs, so I’m sure today isn’t going to go well!  But, again, he’s going to have to re-adjust.  As for Mr. MPB and I, getting back to our mostly regularly scheduled work weeks is probably going to be exhausting, but in a  completely different way then caring for a very sick kid was exhausting.
  4. I’m off to the doctor to have my illness checked out this morning.  Mr. MPB is betting I have pneumonia.  I’m hoping for some sort of miracle which means I’m not that sick.
  5. Last week when Little MPB wasn’t eating, the Adult MPB’s relied a little too heavily of quick meals, like freezer pizzas and store bought roasted chickens.  So, now that Little MPB is eating more, we’d like to get back to home cooked meals.  Last night I made us spaghetti squash pasta using all fresh ingredients.  It was so nice to eat fresh foods again (sorry I forgot to take a picture, but it truly is an amazing meal)!

So, here’s to hoping this week is better then last week in the MPB household!  Wishing everyone else a great week too!

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7 Comments on “A New Week

  1. Glad to hear that Little MPB is feeling better! And that spaghetti squash sounds yummy. 🙂 Good luck breaking the TV habit. And I hope you don’t have pneumonia!!!

    Ugh, daycare dropoffs. Aren’t kids supposed to get used to them eventually? S (almost 2) still has bad ones more days than good. Today it was full-out red-faced wailing when I left him with his teacher. I hate those days so much. I’ve tried everything: quick dropoffs, slow dropoffs, talking about it, not talking about it… I just feel like the worst parent in the world when I leave my kid screaming for his mama and it happens multiple times a week! 😦 Hope things are easier for Little MPB this week!

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    • Evidently this morning Little MPB said to Mr. MPB “Daddy No Go” between sobs. I’m told it was the worst drop off ever. Needless to say, I knew I couldn’t do it, so Mr. MPB had to. It is so hard when they don’t want you to leave!
      The spaghetti squash is delicious! 🙂


  2. Ugh, it’s hard for toddlers when they get out of their routine. . . and for us adults, too! Hope you are all feeling 100% soon and back on track.


  3. I’m going to lurk to see how your TV break goes. My daughter is 2.5. We were very strict on the no TV before 2 rule, then decided to try to hold off until 3 (the only time we watched TV in front of her is for sports and news, and an occasional Big Bang Theory that follows the news, hence, she picked up the words to ‘Soft Kitty’ and sang it to our cats when we were taking them to the vet. In mid December, she had a fever and had to be picked up at Day Care. My Husband (who works from home) let her watch cartoons so he could take a conference call. Since that day, we’ve been letting her watch two episodes of Peppa Pig on Saturday and Sunday morning (it also coincided with the fact that she’s getting up at 7 AM, so we at least get a little more time in bed) This past week I let her watch a little more Peppa as her father was away and I could successfully start dinner each nights, which made me realize I was using it as a crutch, but I saw how quickly she got hooked and was even asking why she doesn’t have a TV in her room.


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