It’s clearly been a tough week in the MPB household.

In not so good news, I am incredibly sick!  Currently it’s in my sinus’, which is really good considering my history with bronchitis over the last few years.  I have an appointment with my family doctor on Monday for other health stuff, so I’ll be sure to get him to check out my lungs while I’m there.

Also in the not so good news, Little MPB is still teething.  It looks like he’s only managed to get 1 more 2 year molar out this week.  So, we are still waiting on 1 last 2 year molar to arrive.

But, in really great news Little MPB has been Baby Advil and Baby Tylenol free for almost 48 hours.  Which means he has also been fever free for almost 48 hours!  Which means happy dance time at the MPB house!  And he even ate 2 whole bananas yesterday!  I’d say he’s on the upswing now, although he does have a check-up scheduled with our family doctor next week just to be safe – because I figure you can never be too safe when it comes to pneumonia.  Technically we could have sent him back to daycare today (the rules from the hospital were he could go around other children and daycare after 48 hours of antibiotics and 24 hours fever free), but we’ve decided to keep him home for the whole week.  Honestly, we know Little MPB will be much happier hanging out at home as he recovers.  Also, I figure a happy kid is likely to speed up his recovery exponentially.  And if I’m honest, we just wanted to keep an extra close eye on him ourselves.  Thankfully we were able to swing our work schedules so that one of us could be home with him every day.

And, of course Mr. MPB is still perfectly healthy.  How he’s managed to avoid all the germs circling around him is beyond me!

But, I have to say, thank god it’s Friday!  I’m so over this week already!

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9 Comments on “TGIF!

  1. Yay! So glad to hear that Little MPB is on the mend! Eat as many bananas as you want, kiddo! 🙂 Hope you feel better soon too.


  2. I know I’m commenting about 6 months late but I finally had to go back and catch up on your posts these last 6 months. I’ve missed reading them. Have to say you’re a daycare provider’s dream parent. You would be amazed at how many parents try to send their kids to daycare sick and contagious. I’ve been lucky but the horror stories I’ve heard from other providers leaves me shaking my head!

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