My Perfect Breakdown


The MPB household is gearing up for a very challenging month and half.  We’ve known about the impending chaos for a few months now, and I think both Mr. MPB and I just kept trying to ignore that it was coming.  But, now that it’s upon us (as in, it started last week) I can feel the stress in our house already ratcheting up a notch or two. You see, Mr. MPB… Read More

How in the world is it already December 21st?  Christmas Eve is literally 3 days away.  2016, a new year, is only 11 days away. I’m a bit shocked how quickly December has passed us by.  Yet, when I think about the fact that we’ve been working countless hours, we’ve both been sick with a near deadly man cold and in our spare time we’ve been doing a major home reno nearly… Read More