Holy Temper Trantrums!!

I had no idea what constant temper tantrums looked like until this last weekend.  Honestly, I’m in awe of Little MPB’s ability to throw a temper tantrum.  They are full blown temper tantrum’s that just seemed to appear over night – he throws himself on the floor and screams inconsolably with crocodile tears running down his cheeks until we either give him what he wants or he we distract him with something else.

We seem to witness about 1400 temper tantrums a day, over everything:

  • Going into the high chair for lunch
  • Being taken out of the high chair to play
  • Coming inside
  • Not being able to find the book he wants
  • Not being able to find his favourite ball
  • Not being allowed to eat rocks
  • Not being able to make tickle me elmo laugh
  • Not getting to the park quickly enough
  • Leaving the park
  • Not letting him drink my chai tea latte
  • Giving him blackberries instead of raspberries
  • Not giving him a sharp knife to play with
  • Not letting him throw himself down the stairs
  • Not giving him milk quickly enough

Seriously, it feels like every single thing we do results in a temper tantrum.

I can honestly say these temper tantrums are my least favourite developmemtal stage so far mostly because I hate seeing him so upset.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful to be able to experience every little thing, because I know how close I came to never having a child in my life.  I’m just saying these temper tantrums aren’t my favourite.

I just keep reminding myself that this is normal childhood development – he is now old enough to know what he wants and he is simply learning how to express himself and test boundaries.

But, I wont lie, I’m also really hoping that this isn’t going to turn into his go-to life long way of expressing himself.

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26 Comments on “Holy Temper Trantrums!!

  1. 1) Not giving him a sharp knife to play with
    2) Not letting him throw himself down the stairs

    haha. the tantrums get better and more intense as they age. Have fun 🙂


    • I am convinced that he somehow knows things are dangerous and therefore wants whatever that dangerous thing is more then anything else in the world!! Until now, I had no idea kids were like this. 🙂


    • You must be raising my kid lol. I had the exact same meltdown to deal with yesterday because I wouldn’t let him push his toy lawnmower up the stairs to his bedroom.

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  2. Oh yeah. Some times it is hard not to laugh. E was mad things weren’t fitting into a bag he had. He tried to throw it down but the straps were stuck in his arms. Sometimes you just gotta laugh.


  3. Ugh I hate the tantrums as well. It seems everything is brand new to them and we are total asshats. Change your diaper? Hell no. Give you a cup of water you ask for? Hell no. Sit next to you? What was I thinking! AH!

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    • What about when they point to the tiniest spot on the couch/chair for you to sit and you sit on the other side instead where your ass can fit? That’s a whole new kind of special tantrum!


  4. Yesterday, we had a meltdown of epic proportions because she asked for her sippy cup and I gave it to her. Solidarity, friend.

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  5. Yikes. I’d say I hope this phase passes quickly, but unfortunately I don’t think it will lol. I’m quite sure that C is going to have major tantrums…she already throws a fit when she can’t have what she wants now, and she’s only just 7 months old! Good times!!

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  6. Nobody warned me about this phase!! We are right in the depths of it as well. Yesterday’s biggest one was when leaving daycare and I wouldn’t let him go and toss rocks down an open manhole that had “caution” tape surrounding it. I was carrying a stiff backed, head thrown back, screaming at the top of his lungs child back to our car. I then asked if he wanted a cracker and he looked at me with tear soaked eyes and nodded “yes” and then started jabbering away about something incoherent. Manhole incident completely forgotten. I don’t even know how parents of older kids stayed sane during this phase!!!

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  7. There’s a Tumblr or Twitter or something called “Reasons why my son is crying” it seems like it matches your experiences.

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  8. Most of the toddler tantrums here revolve around bedtime currently. I have found that there is a waxing and waning of tantruming behaviors with Darwin. At least we get lulls. If only I could figure out why that was…

    You’re doing great!

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  9. I feel ya hon. Archer began to have tantrums around the same age too and has them all the time now. They’ve taken on a whole new level of crazy since he hit two and especially now that baby sister is home. I keep telling myself it will get better and I’m sure that’s true but it it is kind of freaky when you see them expressing themselves this way.

    Distraction is key and unfortunately discipline is too. It was around the time of the first few temper tantrums that we began to do time outs. Hang in there, you’ll work through it and find the best way to handle it. ❤️

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  10. I’m right there with you! From what I hear it’s completely normal but it’s distressing for me mentally and emotionally. They can really put on a show can’t they? Last night Luke had one right as it was time to eat. He wasn’t able to calm down until my husband came home and took him outside. Oh toddlers!

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  11. Ugh, not looking forward to that developmental stage. But a strong willed child will change the world one day 😉

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  12. Ugh, not looking forward to that developmental stage. But a strong willed child will change the world one day 😉.

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  13. For us the tantrums seem to come and go. We’ll go through a stretch of frequent intense tantrums then catch a break for a while before they crop back up. We had such a rough patch from 20-26 months that anything now is really not that bad lol. Tantrums are the greatest test of parental patience, second to non stop whining.


  14. Ugh, the toddler stage. It kinda gets better as they get more articulate, but yeah. One of my sons told me on Mother’s Day “This is going to be the best day ever! As long as you don’t tell me what to do.” 😉


  15. There’s a great concious discipline video on YouTube about temper tantrums and dealing with them. It’s what we use on our daughter and what they do at school – it really does help a lot!


  16. They won’t as long as he becomes more verbal, you actively work on him using his words and also as he gets older, it seems that usually, the quickest way to get them to stop is to ignore them. Obviously, that doesn’t work at the age he’s at now because it’s the only way he knows how to communicate at this point. I’m not looking forward to this stage, lol.

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