My Perfect Breakdown


At this point, it’s quite clear that 2019 is not my year.  I keep telling myself that there are 11 more months, so there is plenty of time for it all to turn around.  So maybe rather then making a whole year statement, I should probably just say, clearly January 2019 is not my month!! Anyways, the stress of unknowns in our extended family is currently an ongoing stress. But last week,… Read More

When your toddler wakes up with the sniffles, you slow down the morning routine and snuggle him. When your toddler comes home from daycare even more sick, you cancel a Christmas family outing to stay home and snuggle him. When your toddler cannot sleep through the night due to the aforementioned sickness, you stay up all night and snuggle him. When your toddler has been up all night sick, you have a… Read More