My Perfect Breakdown


When your toddler wakes up with the sniffles, you slow down the morning routine and snuggle him. When your toddler comes home from daycare even more sick, you cancel a Christmas family outing to stay home and snuggle him. When your toddler cannot sleep through the night due to the aforementioned sickness, you stay up all night and snuggle him. When your toddler has been up all night sick, you have a… Read More

It’s turned into one of those weeks.  You know the kind….where we seem to be running a string of bad luck.  I feel as though it would be best if we just stayed home and hid from the world for a little bit. Here’s my list of things that suck at the moment: Obviously our hearts are breaking for our little nephew. I’m sick.  Again.  I’m beyond frustrated.  Mr. MPB is frustrated… Read More