It’s Not A Good Plan…

My GP (whom I adore and have the upmost respect for and trust in) and I have worked out a plan.  But let me tell you right up front, it’s not a good plan.

Also, I have to acknowledge that my GP was shocked that after being on the highest possible dose of Prevacid for over a month that I had such a terrible attack.  Quite frankly he acknowledged that he’s never heard of that happening.  As per normal the stats seem to be against me, and I am a rarity….which has never turned out to be a good thing for me in respect to my medical history.

And I’ll admit right now that I’m incredibly angry at the jerk ER doctor who refused to make the referral to the GI specialist, because now I may have to wait months…


So, the plan is contingent on the H. Pylori test I have next week.  For the record, I booked this test on May 19 for the next available appointment – June 29.  I cannot get this test moved up, I’ve tried everything already.

Basically, my GP cannot make a referral to a GI at this point in time, the GI will just reject it.  Until the H. Pylori test is done next week, my GP’s hands are tied (if the jerk doctor had made this referral on the weekend I would have already seen a GI, again, I’m not impressed).  If the H. Pylori test comes back positive they can treat the bacterial infection that is likely causing the ulcer and this misery will be behind me.  Apparently the treatment isn’t much fun, but it’s effective, and effective is truly all I care about.  If the H. Pylori test comes back negative, then my GP can submit a referral to a GI, as an endoscope will be required to determine what’s going on in my stomach.  Depending on the GI wait list, it could take months for me to get it.  My GP has no ability to influence the wait list, unlike the jerk doctor.

So, this means until at least the 29th, I’m in basic survival mode and essentially on a starvation diet.  (And I say at least, because he’s not sure when he’ll get the results…with it being a long weekend, he may not get the results until July 4).

My GP wants me to try half pieces of toast throughout the day, because that worked a month ago when this all started and has worked in the past. He also wants me to find out immediately if I can tolerate Gatorade, not just plain water, to try to get some electrolytes into me. Then I am supposed to try introducing plain white rice. If that goes well, then I’ll try plain chicken.  If that goes well, I’ll try mushed up and over cooked carrots (i.e. baby food). If it goes poorly I have percocet for pain. If I end up as sick as I was on the weekend, then I’m supposed to go back to the ER.

But, I’ve told him I refuse to live off percocet, so I will only try introducing new foods at night when Mr. MPB is home and after Little MPB is asleep. Simply put I’m probably not a very good parent when I’m high on Percocet so I’m better off to be starving to avoid having to take Percocet constantly. To which my doctor actually agreed.

So, like I said, it’s not a good plan.  But, I am taking solace in knowing what to expect next and what the possible options are.

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17 Comments on “It’s Not A Good Plan…

  1. Sometimes doctors really do make the dumbest decisions. It is appalling that you have to live like this until you can get the hp test! I only hope that you get through without another terrible attack of pain. Thinking of you and hoping you get the answers you need soon. X


  2. Ughhhhhh to that jerk doctor. I hope this plan surprises you and is exactly what works. How miserable. Xoxo


  3. Wow, yea I’ve never taken solace in the fact that I’m one in ten billion. Sorry this is such a long and arduous journey for you. I will keep you in my thoughts daily.


  4. I am hoping you get straightened out very soon! When will we finally use compassion as the basis for healthcare rather than letting insurance companies and healthcare systems run it as an accounting practice?!


  5. Is this the one time I can say that I am thankful for my US insurance that I pay up the ass for? we would never have to wait so long. You poor thing. At least you have a plan of attack.


  6. I swear I commented earlier but maybe my interet wasn’t working for me. Anyway you can get the good ER dr to send the referral?


      • Bone broth is very healing for the gut. The amino acid L-Glutamine is also very healing–I take 5 grams (a teaspoon) of powder in a drink. When I was super sick I lived off of flavorless pedialyte + apple juice + 5g Glutamine + ice in a 30oz Yeti cup with a straw. XOXO


  7. How horrible!! On one hand, I hope you make it through until they can get your results and hopefully get you on the mend. On the other, and don’t take this wrong, I hope you have a bad day and go back to the hospital to move things along faster. Can your GP contact that ER Dr and ream him for being n idiot?? I’m so very sorry that you have to live like this!!!

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  8. I’ve just been catching up and I’m really sorry to hear about the awful pain you were in with the health issues. That jerk doctor should have given you the referral, that is so awful! I hope you can tolerate simple food at least and that you’ll start feeling better soon.


  9. Oh my god. I just read your last couple posts. My heart is really aching for you. WHY does this have to happen to you?! 😦 I know you don’t need me throwing a pity party for you. So instead I will send you positive thoughts and hope that you can stomach some small bits of food here and there. I can’t even imagine how miserable you must feel. I hope this nightmare ends soon.


  10. This is just awful. You can’t eat!!! Can you put a complaint through to the hospital? We are a public ally funded health system in Australia too and I know how there are these crazy limitations but there are avenues for complaint and if it is going to take ages to get into the GI anyway it may actually result in getting your appt moved forward given that the hospital Drs can lobby for a shorter wait time. Good luck.


  11. Geez… That really sucks. Not sure what’s worse, starving yourself or the fear of eating and wreaking havoc to your body. Sending loads of hugs. Stay strong. xx


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