A Quick Update

I tried chicken, that did not work at all.  I ended up with sever diarrhea all night long.  I have not had the courage to try much else.

So, I’m basically living off water, some Gatorade, and about 4-5 pieces of bread a day and a small bowl of rice at night, if I’ve have a good day.

With just eating bread, I’m generally I am still experiencing diarrhea every few hours.  (As an aside, I honestly don’t understand how I have enough in my body to cause this much diarrhea?)

But, the good news is that I have not had the excruciating pain I experienced on the weekend return.

Of course, will all good news, there always seems to be bad news.  And, right now, the bad news outweighs the good news.  I am constantly freezing, frequently lightheaded, I have no doubt I’m becoming dehydrated and I’m loosing weight rather drastically.

All of this means, that I’ve hit a new level of exhaustion.  I feel like I’m shell of my former self.

And honestly, this is all just turning me into a horrible mother, wife, friend, employee, blogger, etc.


I’ve put a call into my GP as I think it’s fair to say that the not so good plan, is simply not working.

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27 Comments on “A Quick Update

  1. Constant freezing and light headed -ness is a classic sign of low sugar and sodium. What can you tolerate in form of sugar and salt? Can you replace water with a hydralyte? Ask you Dr if you can take in coconut water or sugarcane juice. If they are allowed..

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    • I can try anything so long as my body can tolerate it. Unfortuanly my body just cannot seem to tolerate much So I just have to try 1 thing a day and see what happens.
      Maybe tonight I should try coconut water and see if it works.


  2. Oh dear. I REALLY hope you figure something out soon. This is just not fair for you to have to live like this. I’m sorry this is happening.

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    • When my clinic called me back I asked this. And I was told that they cannot order this, but if I get worse start vomiting again, then the hospital may. But if my vitals are fine, they hospital will probably just send me home. 😦


  3. I second what littlerainbowbug said above – can you get IV fluids/nutrition? I’m sure so much of your extra physical ‘stuff’ is because you are starving. I really wish I was closer so I could help you out in some day, my heart really hurts for you and everything you’re going through. It sounds absolutely miserable. I hope you can get some relief from this soon.

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    • Thanks Lindsay, you are just so sweet.
      I asked my clinic about the idea of IV fluids/nutrition and was told that they cannot order this, but if I get worse start vomiting again, then the hospital may. But if my vitals are fine, they hospital will probably just send me home. 😦
      And I completely agree, all the other physical stuff is simply the result of a lack of nutrition. As far as I’m concerned I’m basically starving myself, so I’m bound to get rundown.


  4. This is so awful. I really wish I could help you somehow. Do Mr/Baby MPB need anything? Is there anything I could Amazon/internet you that would help make things easier? There’s got to be something the doctors can do for you. This wait and see approach just seems like utter BS to me. You can’t live on bread and gatorade for weeks. Have you thought about trying unsweetened applesauce? If you still can’t stomach anything other than bread by the end of the weekend, you should march back to the ER and exaggerate if you have to. They need to take this seriously. You shouldn’t have to live like this. Sending lots of love and thinking of you–and I mean it when I say if there’s ANYTHING I can do from here to make your life easier, please just say the word.


  5. Oh my goodness! This sounds miserable and I can understand why you are feeling very run down. I’m so sorry and I so hope you can get a better plan put into place. Thinking of you!


  6. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. You’re likely suffering from dehydration and malnourishment. They are basically torturing you by leaving you like this. I would absolutely be going back to the ER, before you pass out!! There has to be SOMETHING someone can do for you!!!

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    • You would think the ER would help me, eh? I talked to my clinic today about it and they confirmed that the er will basically do exactly what they did last weekend – if my vitals are all okay and the pain is under control with drugs, they’ll just send me home again. Clearly something within the system here is broken because how I feel right now is just not okay…

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      • And torturing a human being for no other reason than you don’t want to fit them into your schedule is not okay either…

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  7. I would be so curious to hear your thoughts on the book “When the Body Says No” by Gabor Mate. Ive followed your blog for years and I am always struck by how much you have on your plate. I wish you loads of healing and good health in the days ahead.

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    • Thank you for your kind words and support. And thank you for the suggestion. I am totally going to read that book! I’ve always been very much of the mindset thag science is best. But honestly I’m not looking into finding a naturopath and trying some different approaches to my health because clearly something has to change! I’m curious to see what advice/tips the book has in it. Thank you!!


  8. Ah f*ck MPB, you sound like me back in February (27lbs lost in 3 weeks on mostly liquid diet). I got so weak I could hardly lift BG onto her changing table and when she would run away from me in protest of me changing her diaper then I would yell at her because I didn’t have the strength to play games. It was hell. Pure hell. I wouldn’t wish it on an enemy and I certainly hate to see my friend (you) go through it. You have to rest and conserve as much energy as possible–there is no other way. And if you spike a fever you have to go to the ER. You should be tested for C. Diff, even if they already tested you for it–be sure they give you something to catch your poop in when you go to the ER (because chances are, you’re going–might as well get some fluids in you and get your poop tested for bacteria). Don’t hesitate to go to the ER just because that one doctor was a dick–ER doctors suck in general but some will listen to you and do as you ask (test your poop and fast-track you to a GI). XOXOXOXO

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    • So my GP did a stool test today. Of course, I have to wait for Monday to get the result. And I did ask for something to catch the poop, because they totally gave my 2 tiny containers to take home and bring back full and I stared at the lady and was like, umm, how am I supposed to do this?!
      I’m starting to think whatever is happening now has nothing to do with the ulcer. I was getting better and this insane diarrhea isn’t typical of an ulcer. I think I picked up something at the end of our trip to Iceland or when we got home (maybe when I went for sushi with a colleague the next day) because I’ve been sick with diarrhea since then.
      I dunno, but I cannot help but think this is not just an ulcer.
      And as always, thank you my friend. I so appreciate your advice and support.

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      • I don’t believe these are the symptoms of a stomach ulcer. Bacterial infection, IBS, or IBD (and I hope not IBD). Good job getting your poop tested–keep pressing until you get answers. XOXO


  9. Good lord… is malnutrition and extreme weight loss not considered a medical problem in Canada? I’d be getting pretty vocal and stubborn around now but it does seem as though the system is flawed in terms of what it considers ‘ill health’… presumably your vitals can be OK whilst simulatenously having other extreme issues that need addressing. I was told that in cases of extreme diarrhea coke is a good option as due to the way osmosis works it is able to absorb where water is not. So sorry and hope you see some improvement soon.


  10. I’m so sorry. That’s just completely horrible. You’re NOT being a bad wife/mother/etc., you’re very ill and malnourished and you have to take care of yourself now.


  11. I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this – how exhausting and frustrating!

    I know everyone and their dog has an opinion and suggestion, but please do consider trying Florastor. It’s a probiotic with the strain saccharomyces boulardii and its specifically indicated for instances of infectious diarrhea or gut disturbance. It sounds maybe a little woo woo (which is not generally my thing), but I was pooping every time I turned around and unable to keep foods down, had no appetite, etc. One dose and the non-stop pooping was over. A few more and I could eat again! It’s widely available too (shoppers and Safeway usually have it). Good luck!!!!


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