My Perfect Breakdown


It feels like a list kind of day. We went out for Mr. MPB’s work Christmas party on Sunday.  (I still don’t know why a Christmas party was in March and on a Sunday night).  Little MPB had a great time with his former nanny and went to bed just fine without us.  We also had a good time.  Except on Monday morning I was wickedly hung over.  It amazes me that… Read More

I saw a Gastroenterology (GI) doctor yesterday. I dragged Mr. MPB along with me, because who doesn’t want to spend their Valentine’s Day at their wives GI appointment? In all seriousness, I decided this was an important enough appointment that I wanted a second set of ears listening.  And let me tell you, I am so glad I dragged him with me as we spent over an hour with the GI doctor. First,… Read More